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A major debat issue the Liberals have thought up has been the issue of global warming.
Hasn't the earth been warming up ever since the ice age?
if so, why are we sooooo concerned with it now?

The consevationalists just want something new to complain about. the liberal leftist movement in this country does not care about global warming, ozone holes nor the gasses thier big, bullet proof SUV's produce. The libeals fight a cause for public demand and not for the core values of the issue. Liberals have changed thier minds on the war in Iraq, to the invasion of Afganistan, to everything. Bush has fought and won the votes that were needed to go to war in Iraq, now the liberals are saying he needs to be impeached because it is an illegal war. How can it be an illegal war if the senate approved it?
The liberal left is way out in space on all of the issues it stands for, including oil, drilling for oil, the so called hole in the ozone, and global warming. In about 5 years they will make up some kind of problem and blow it way out of porportion, and then it will become a crisis, and they will say that many people will die..
remember when Gore ran for president a while back? he stated that classrooms in schools were over crowded, and there werent enough desks for all the students?
how long did that issue last? maybe a month or two...LOL
this global warming is just a farse and not a big deal. If the earth warms up 1 degree every 100 years, then thats okay with me, I like it hot out.
Well we MAY be warming it up more quickly than it usually does on its cyclic warm/cool shifts. Also...with a tremendous global warming we will mostly die and if that doesn't kill you the global freeze that will follow it definitely will.

They worry about it because it will kill us all, the earth will be fine, but we'll be dead. But, you know, in 2.5 billion years the sun is going to explode anyway so our days are relatively numbered.
The fact that floods arise seem to be the highlight. But, as you've said, true enough that global warming started centuries ago.
I want prove the liberals wrong! 30 years ago, the scientists believed we had a global cooling problem. Many scientists will back me up when I say we have virtually no control over the climate. Whatever we do, it will not change the climate in any way. God has it in His hands.
Because people are stupid. They don't have any common sense..You are right and the zealots are like a bunch of sheep
Because of the such high carbon dioxide emissions that we are putting out.
It is true that there have been natural climate changes before. The reason there is concern about it now is that scientists have proved that, about 40 years ago, Man took control of climate away from nature. From the Source below:

We need to give it back to Nature.

This is not a "liberal" issue:

"Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich challenged fellow conservatives to stop resisting scientific evidence of global warming"

"Pat Robertson (very conservative Christian leader) 'It is getting hotter and the ice caps are melting and there is a build up of carbon dioxide in the air. We really need to do something on fossil fuels.”

Ford Motor Company CEO William Clay Ford, Jr. "I believe there is now more than enough evidence of climate change to warrant an immediate and comprehensive - but considered - response. Anyone who disagrees is, in my view, still in denial."

"The science of global warming is clear. We know enough to act now. We must act now."

James Rogers, CEO of Charlotte-based Duke Energy.

"Global warming is real, now, and it must be addressed."

Lee Scott, CEO, Wal-Mart Company
The rate at which it is warming seems to have stepped up in the recent past. The cause of the increased warming is the real debate. Man vs. nature? What the doomsayers seem to not want to say is that the violent eruption of a volcano such as Mt. St. Helens produces more hydrocarbons and other greenhouse gasses than man has produced since the beginning of the industrial age.
The concern is with the rate the Earth is warming up. Yes the Earth has been in a warming trend since the Ice age...but according to scientific data the speed that it is warming up has increased dramatically since the industrial revolution and even more within the last fifty years. Is this really cause for concern? I really can't answer that. The doomsayers would have us believe that the polar ice caps will melt entirely and flood the planet (like Waterworld) when anyone that thinks about it realizes that ice displaces more area than the liquid it is composed of so at most the seas would rise a few feet even if the ice caps did entirely melt. They also warn that earth temperatures could reach an average of 80 degrees worldwide...correct me if I am wrong but the Dinosaurs thrived in temperatures that were like that, there was plenty of land and food for them, so I really doubt it will be a calamity for humans either. sure there will be species that go extinct (I don't understand why we fight so hard to maintain the earth as it is now, since it has been changing since it's birth) Hard to believe that "Liberals" want to be "Conservative". Of course there is always the need to scare people into doing what they (politicians) want done. The Republicans have the war on terror.Democrats and Liberals have the war "for" the environment...
Yes, the planet has been warming since the last ice age, but it was warming very, very slowly until recently. Since approximately 1960, the warming has accelerated greatly:

At the same time, no natural cause (sun, volcanoes, etc.) can be attributed to this increase. They've all been ruled out. Over the same time period, human greenhouse gas emissions have increased:

And scientists have attributed about 80-90% of the warming over the past 40-50 years to greenhouse gas emissions:

And if we continue to emit more greenhouse gases, the warming of the planet will continue to accelerate:

Which will lead to some very bad consequences.
Because the environmentalists need a new reason to tell everyone else what to do. They failed with acid rain, nuclear winter, over population and killed millions with malaria due to opposition to DDT. The hippie burnouts hate themselves and civilization and worship "natural" things. They seem to forget "natural" things like cholera and typhus can also kill them.They can't stand the fact that capitalism and western values have increased wealth and lifespans so they invent environmental crises to justify centralized control. They advocate lowering birthrates in Europe to "reduce" global warming but Europe already has one of the lowest birthrates in the world but and they conveniently ignore Africa and Asia. They just hate themselves and the values that made their societies successful.Moe Strong and the rest of these clowns have a lot to answer for.
Because today it advances a political agenda. If you vote against us, then your voting for pollution. The sad thing is people fall for this BS.
Sometimes little things can turn into big things. Think about brushing your teeth. If you don't brush for one day, chances are nothing bad will happen. But if you don't brush your teeth for one month, you may develop a cavity. It's the same thing with global temperatures. If temperatures rise above normal levels for a few days, it's no big deal – the Earth will stay more or less the same. But if temperatures continue to rise over a longer period of time, then the Earth may experience some problems.

Average global temperature has increased by almost 1ºF over the past century; scientists expect the average global temperature to increase an additional 2 to 6ºF over the next one hundred years. This may not sound like much, but it could change the Earth's climate as never before. At the peak of the last ice age (18,000 years ago), the temperature was only 7ºF colder than it is today, and glaciers covered much of North America!

Even a small increase in temperature over a long time can change the climate. When the climate changes, there may be big changes in the things that people depend on. These things include the level of the oceans and the places where we plant crops. They also include the air we breathe and the water we drink.

What Might Happen?
It is important to understand that scientists don't know for sure what climate change will bring. Some changes brought about by climate change will be good. If you live in a very cool climate, warmer temperatures might be welcome. Days and nights could be more comfortable and people in the area may be able to grow different and better crops than they could before. But it is also true that changes in some places will not be very good at all.
No, the Liberals haven't "thought up" global warming. I always see people blaming Liberals for making it an issue and it seems this is your interest in this issue. You are the one making this in to a political issue. Your interest, I believe is simply to discredit the findings to promote your own political agenda. This is playing with peoples lives.
The reason it is of interest is its consequences.

When you say: "Hasn't it been warming up ever since the ice age?"
Are you referring to the Milankoich cycles, solar irridiance, or something else?

Check this site for trends in global temperatures. The evidence from the last 10.000 years show that statements, such as "The earth is still warming from the last ice age" does not hold up.

The amount of atmospheric CO2 during the last 650.000 years has varied between 180 - 300 ppm. It is currently at 383 ppm. The past cooling and warming of the Earth has most likely been caused by variations in the amount of sun light reaching it. The changes are nowhere near enough to explain the huge effects on the climat, which were caused by amplifiers. Historically, natural cycles have been followed (200 - 1000 years after the initial temperatur increase) by a rise in CO2 levels. There are vast natural sources of CO2 ( and other GHG's) that acts as amplifiers and they are released as the natural cycles warms the climate. Currently, the GHG's are released without a prior warming due to human activities and are acting as both cause, and a strong amplifying effect.
Anders, you link to the Earth Observatory Feature-Ice core record study as evidence that the idea that the earth is still warming up from the last ice age is wrong.

However, that study which you linked to describes the Little Ice Age as "one of several cold snaps that briefly interrupted the OVERALL WARMING TREND ONGOING since the end of the Ice Age."

It seems NASA believes that the earth is still warming up from the last Ice Age, so why don't you?

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