Are Water Bottles really that harmful to Earth?

just wondering .. it's been on the internet and on tv much more lately...

starting to get annoying....

plastic is made out of fossil fuels, therefore are not biodegradable. what happens when you have too much garbage and the earth isn't absorbing it? a whole lot of trash for a whole lot of time.
recycling plastic is also an issue because there are so many kinds and not enough man power to sort through it. in the end it becomes too expensive to recycle it, though there are companies developing an automatic plastic sorting machine.
in addition, because water runs out of any working faucet, and in the US it is already filtered, what's the point of buying bottled water? this is the real issue because one can just open a faucet to get some water, so it's just needlessly contributing to pollution.
if you search for east garbage pile (or something like that), you'll find research on how there is a pile of plastic on the east pacific that is the size of texas. 70% of it is made of water bottles and it ain't going nowhere.
it's a lot easier, and cheaper, to buy a re-usable bottle and fill it up at home.
Don't listen to the liberal "harmful to the Earth" crapola.
Any disposable plastic is harmful
just recycle them. you are guilt free and the economy doesnt get hurt
The point is they are useless, anyone can fill up a bottle with water, and it won't need the bottle to be recycled or disposed of.
I 'm sure, like many things, if they aren't recycled properly over time they could make an impact. But why target "water" bottles? They can't be any more harmful than soda bottles. Wonder why those (or other things) aren't talked about being banned?
It IS annoying.
The water bottle consumes much oil to produce, much oil to transport and about 80% are trashed instead of recycled. Considering that the nation's tap water is typically safer and cleaner than the majority of bottled waters it is foolish to pay so much for something that isn't very "green".
Aquafina and Dansani are no more than bottled tap water.
Fools that believe this is a 'liberal' issue are just fools and shouldn't be listened too.
Is bottled water bad for the environment?

Here are some facts to consider:

* Water bottle sales have increased from 3.3 billion in 1997 to over 30 billion today.
* Water costs $4–$6 per gallon when purchased over the counter, and is 500–1000 times more expensive than municipal tap water, with no guarantee that the bottled water is safer that tap water.
* Up to 20 percent of the U.S. population and 17.5 percent of Canadians now get their drinking water exclusively from bottled sources.
* The Earth Policy Institute estimated that the process of making the plastic for the water bottles burns up approximately 1.5 million barrels of oil, enough to power 100,000 cars for a year.
* Another way to visualize the average energy cost to make the bottle, fill the bottle, transport the bottle and then deal with the waste would be to fill up a quarter of every bottle with oil.
* It takes 2 oz of oil to transport an Evian bottle the 5,000 miles from France.
* If a water bottle holds 1 liter it requires 5 liters of water in its manufacturing process (this includes power plant cooling water).
* Showtime television conducted a survey that found that 75% of tested New York City residents actually preferred tap water over bottled water in a blind taste test.
* Four out of five bottles are not recycled except where states have deposit laws on water bottles where four out of five ARE recycled.
* 30 billion plastic bottles were thrown away last year. That is enough to circle the earth 150 times.
* Perrier wanted to pump 500 gallons/minute over a 5-year period (about one cubic mile of water) from one Wisconsin aquifer, but was denied when it was estimated that it would reduce local stream flow about 50%. This points out another hidden cost of bottled water: once the water is removed and transported around the country, is lost to the local water cycle.
* While municipal water systems must test for harmful microbiological content in water several times a day, bottled water companies are required to test for these microbes only once a week.
* An estimated 25 - 60 percent of bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle—sometimes further treated, sometimes not. Dasani, for example, advertises itself as “pure, still water,” but it is just purified tap water.
* In 2004, 500,000 liters of Coca-Cola's Dasani brand water had to be recalled in the British market because of high levels of bromate, a cancer-causing chemical.
* Eleven states have “bottle bills” requiring deposits (usually $0.05/container; Michigan is the highest with $0.10/container) for each bottle purchased, but many states with a bottle bill exclude noncarbonated beverages such as water.
Yes they're harmful because of the energy it takes to create and transport them (water is heavy!), plus 70% of disposable water bottles aren't recycled, so they end up clogging the landfills since they don't biodegrade! Since you can get safer and much cheaper water from your tap at home (especially if you use your own filter), there's simply no reason to buy bottled water. It's a waste of money and resources.
The bottles could to supplement fuel oil. Grind up and blow it into the boiler ,as it makes a hot fuel.
Yes becasue we are using so much plastic the we are just tossing it away.
The US alone uses 6 million barrels of oil (that's more than 300 million gallons) to manufacture plastic water bottles every year. If that's not enough, the manufacture of each bottle requires twice as much water as the bottle contains. Draw your own conclusions.
i think because it takes a freakishly long time to decompose..
yes water bottles are harming the Earth
1) it is going to make lots of animals go extint
2)if you dont recycle then bye bye trees then bye bye oxygen
3)if you just litter the Earth is going to be all messed up
Yes. Even if you recycle them, that still requires energy (to remelt the plastic). Frankly, I use my old metal Boy Scout canteen instead of plastic. I fill it about 3/4 full of tap water, and put it in the freezer with the lid off the night before.
Why does nobody talk about CoCa Cola,we aproached them in Mexico to help pay for a recycling plant to re-use their bottles because we found so many in the rivers and water ways blocking the flows
and all over the trash heaps ,
they told us basically to get stuffed

I suggested a boycot of all the kids in the schools not buying Coca Cola products for one day ,to get their attention and threaten a week
The kids of many schools were into it
The authorities the towns educational president ,said NO.

everybody is scared of Cocal cola

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