Are magpies now the most common birds in Britain?

Leaving out pigeons and chickens, I see more and more magpies every day, and I hate them, they frighten me because they are so evil looking. When I was a young girl I don't ever remember seeing them, why are they so prevalent now? It makes it worse that I feel that I have to salute them all the time because I am superstitious.

Do you know, I think you may well be right !

I have begun to notice just recently that there are a lot about in Northamptonshire at least - they are CHINA s National Bird by the way. I cannot say that I am all that keen on them either funnily enough. Probably down to the countryside changing, and habitat suiting them more then others?
No, I am sure there are more Essex blondes than magpies these days. And even if you only count the feathered varieties sparrows must outnumber magpies.
no way - there are loads more sparrows, finches, starlings blackbirds , crows etc.
My mum salutes them and they are nasty spiteful birds...But i see so many pigeons that i cant see them being overtaken for the no1 spot...
I thought sparrows were the most common bird, after as you quite rightly pointed out chickens and seagulls. I don't see many magpies really, maybe the odd few, maybe it's just because of where u live?
I would have thought starlings were the most common birds in Britain.
how can you call them evil looking,they are a most beautiful bird, second only to their cousin the jay
it's hardly the poor birds fault that you are prone to superstition
they are more prevalent now because there is more food available now, and when fortnightly rubbish collections become the norm, there will be even more magpies about
Sparrows are in my opinion, but they are much smaller so you notice them less.
GULLS, gulls, gulls, gulls, so many fn gulls.
A1 nutter.
No, I’m afraid not. There are an estimated 650,000 breeding pairs (territories) of magpies in the United Kingdom, putting them way behind many other species such as blackbirds (4.7m pairs), chaffinches (5.7m pairs), house sparrows (2.8 - 4.9m pairs, but declining) and the most common breeding bird in the UK, the wren (7.6m). So, why do you see more magpies than, say, wrens? Because it’s a bloody, great big black and white bird that makes a hell of a racket!

That said, they’re also very intelligent… for birds that is.
what is it with people and magpies? they are beautiful birds. not the best noise and they mug other birds (chavs of the bird world i call em!) but thats just nature. leave them alone!
The wood pigeon is now the most commonly seen bird across the UK, a study has found.

The second most common was the chaffinch, followed by blackbirds, wrens, robins and carrion crows.

The survey, by 2,000 British Trust for Ornithology volunteers, found many species had bounced back in 2004 from a decline in numbers recorded in 2003.

Numbers of ravens, for example, increased by 91% during the course of 2004, the trust said.

The annual survey carried out by the BTO involves 2,000 people who go out at dawn to count the UK's birds.

It was also a good year for many African migrant species and for some farmland species that had been in long-term decline, particularly the tree sparrow and song thrush.

But there was bad news for the lesser redpoll and yellow wagtail and signs that sparrowhawk numbers are falling.

There was a 247% increase in sand martins; and numbers of cuckoo, which had declined 47% between 1970 and 2001, were up by 31%.

Whitethroats were up 19%, chiffchaffs up 17% and willow warblers up 12%.

The increases are believed to reflect a good breeding season in 2003 or better than average winter conditions in Africa during the winter of 2003/2004.

1. Wood pigeon
2. Chaffinch
3. Blackbird
4. Wren
5. Robin
6. Carrion crow
7. Blue tit
8. Great tit
9. Dunnock
10. Starling
11. Song thrush
12. Swallow
13. Magpie
14. Skylark
15. Greenfinch
16. Pheasant
17. House sparrow
18. Jackdaw
19. Willow warbler
20. Blackcap
no young sexy women are, depends on what ytype of bird your on about
Where I live there are definately more magpies than any other bird (except seagulls).
I am not bothered about them as they have done nothing to me personally.

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