Anyone else seeing the big money making trend/fad here?

First off there was a movie based on Global Warming, made millions. That involved people driving out in their cars to go see this film, putting all these dangerous emissions into the air. Not to mention Al Gore doing public appearances by using his private jets and entourage of vehicles to show up to these public appearances. And now a concert? That takes up a lot of power and electricity, jets and vehicles to transport the band and their materials. Also all the people who will drive and/or fly to see this concert. Honestly, if global warming is as big a problem as Al Gore claims it to be is he not one of the biggest factors behind its acceleration than the average family who actually conserves? Because we, the average folks, do not have millions of dollars to waste on leaving lights on in our multiple mansions/houses, private jets and a lot of cars in a garage bigger than an average home. Honestly, when you look at it, how can global warming be taken this seriously?

You read my mind. You're definately not sleeping on the job even though you're not being paid anything to do it.
No journalist ever pointed something like that out. You know I already forgot about Global Warming. If the government pays for my living expenses. I won't need to drive to work or the super market. But, until that day comes. Im saving up for a Hummer or a massive pickup so as to support the American Automotive industry.
Arnold Schwarzenegger promoted the Hummer and made it possible for civilians to buy their own,he owns like 8 Hummers.
You forgot to mention Big Als 2000 dollar a month gas and electric bill.but yeah...your right!!
we r talking about Al Gore..he is not the brightest crayon in the box
He is doing all these things to show misinformed people like you that we have to save our planet, and stop ignoring the horrible future of out planet. He is spending this money to help save the future of "our" planet.
its just the earth changes that take place naturally, 30 years ago it was a new ice age, look at y2k, the billions of dollars spent by putting so much fear in the people.
Al Gore doesn't give a rats bung about the planet. he simply wants notoriety and money. He thinks this will be his claim to a "legacy". History will leave this pinhead as nothing more than a footnote in history books.
Who about the scientist working for global warming.

"By the late 1990's, lots of jobs depended on the idea that carbon emissions caused global warming. Many of them were bureaucratic, but there were a lot of science jobs created too. I was on that gravy train, making a high wage in a science job that would not have existed if we didn't believe carbon emissions caused global warming. And so were lots of people around me; and there were international conferences full of such people. And we had political support, the ear of government, big budgets, and we felt fairly important and useful (well, I did anyway). "

Mathematician & engineer Dr. David Evans, who did carbon accounting for the Australian Government
I think that you have hit it right on the nose. With the data that has been compiled and is freely available, one can only conclude that the motivation behind the big name 'global warming' alarmists involves money and or power.
I found the concert (actually a whole bunch of concerts on every continent) to be quite a hypocrisy as well. There are so many bands playing in so many different places I bet it's using a fortune in resources and putting out quite a bit of pollution. It makes no sense to me but my favorite band, which includes the man of my dreams, happens to be part of it so I'm not going to say anything more.
the REALLY big money making trend is oil

and they are throwing far more money at trying to keep their addicts hooked, than anyone can hope to make from asking people to consume less. If I want to get rich I go with the oil companies. Any movie about climate change will have made far less than one about/featuring fossil fuel cars and profligate lifestyles.

Honestly, can you think your lifestlye is sustainable into your retirement?
Infinite human economic growth & consumption on a finite planet? reality check here please.
I find it hilarious that anybody would suggest that only global warming proponents have money as a motivating factor. Yep, those power, oil, coal, and car companies certainly have no vested interest in the status quo.

I will agree that Gore is a bit of a hypocrite. Those carbon credits he buys seem like a modern version of the old Catholic indulgences; a get out of jail free card that only the wealthy can afford. Saying he and other celebrities are a major cause of the problem is a bit of an exaggeration though.

Oh, and I used to live in the Northeast and acid rain was causing problems. It is less of a problem now because laws were made to reduce the pollution that causes it.
You have pathetically bad logics. If the people who go see the film or these concerts are inspired to start conserving energy they will pay for themselves hundreds of times over. You also don't have even a singe scrap of evidence that everyone who went to see them did so in inefficiently powered vehicles, or that the concert itself will use the amount of energy you say it will. So what you're doing is speculating, and you're crappy at speculating.
Permaculture: So you think that everybody should limit their own consumption? You believe we all have a responsibility for our own actions? You feel that the earnings gap is the main problem and it is this inequality that is the driver for the environmental problems we see today. That this inequality should be evened out? That there are much better platforms to inform people of environmental issues than ones which involve mass consumption of resources. Good man. I totally agree.
you should take the rose colored plank from the front of your eyes that is preventing you to see the woods.
You are so hung up by politicians and AlGore ,as if they invented Global Warming .
Global warming is very real
real enough to think about

How can one guys lifestyle be so detremental to understanding a common danger for all of the life on this planet, to a person ,is incomprehensible to me
you need to get real

150.000 people dying anually ,and 3500 in Europe alone in 2003,related to Global warming tells us something

3000 species of Animals became exstinct in the last 50;...

Farmers suffer croploss due to temperature changes (1 degree means already 10% croploss)

the perma frost on the tundras is melting
so are the Glaziers ,the North Pole , Greenland and great chunks of Antarctica have dropped into the sea

We are facing cronic water shortage ,and in India,China ,Africa and Mexico people are forced to drink contaminated water or die of thirst;...

The Sahara is grows 7 kilometers a year
Northern China is drying up and 2 mayor desserts are becoming one giant dessert;...

I doubt if you will be interested in this part
If you want to be more concerned about the Environment here are some tips;...

As far as the concerts are concerned
sounds as if you are not a rock fan

we cannot have enough exposure to raise Environmental awareness .
Many people will be affected
Al Gore Mentions 2 billion
that is a lot more than the crowds that Jesus pulled

You may not agree with Al Gores aproach in his movie ,but the results are all positive
Many people agree that because of that they have become aware that there even is a problem ,and decided to investigate further or even change their lifestyle a bit
this is all good,

And these concerts will do a lot more,and world wide
Bringing Global warming into the focus of the masses .

The effects of Woodstock rippled on for decades changing atitudes that persist with many people who are in power today .

A changed mentality with the youth today means changes with control tomorrow
At least in theory

and if a quarter of them do positive things because of these concerts ,it will be worth the litter and plane travel
And if i was a rock star i´d rather go by luxery Jet than a donkey any day

great stuff little Parrot ,and he is only 18 years old i think
little picture... the power expended by the concert, by the trees used to publish al gore's books, to travel to see informational movies is a waste and makes these people hypocritical.

big picture... all of these things will add up to future benefits that will more than counteract the energy expended today. the changed attitudes and actions of people who learn the truth today will make the investment bear a far greater return tomorrow than we will ever know.

it's like explaining the difference between 'weather' and 'climate'... do you wish to see the little picture or the big one? we're playing for the future, not for the present.
You have to have a $$ making advantage to the thing, otherwise it's not worthy of the ozone layer it's depleting.

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