Any ideas?

i like the toyota yaris. i was going to buy one when i went to ebay and there was a picture of one, the air bag didn't deploy when it had got into an accident. i want a safe car along the lines of a yaris that is no more than 30,000 have any ideas?preferillby something that doesnt cost 90 dollars to fill up.

I agree with the other person, don't buy a car off the Net, you don't know its history. Yaris are just as good as their competitors. For $30,000 you have a lot of choices. for that price you could probably get a Prius or Civic Hybrid ... or even a year old Camry Hybrid if safety in a crash is an issue.

I was in an accident 6 months ago when a driver made a left turn into the side of my car (Legacy GT). My air bag didn't go off because it wasn't a head-on collision. But since he hit the front axle (tranny and engine damage) and scraped all the way down the drivers side damaging the body panels on that entire side ... including the roof, the car was a write off. The tow truck driver thought it was still driveable.

Air bags going off are no indication of the severity of the accident. The police assigned a damage rating of "moderate" which I thought was a bit mild until I saw some of the cars at the towing company where it was taken. Especially the unrecognizable ones with the blood and guts still dripping all over the interior. They were rated as "severe" damage. Then I understood the rating system better.
Yaris is a good car. Zips right along.
Don't buy a car on line. You never know what your getting. Buy privately from the classified ads, or from a local dealer that has been there for a long time. And test drive the hell out of it before any down payments of paper signing. Buying a car on line doesn't have the same warranties as buying one from a dealer. A privately from your local area has none either, but at least you get to meet the people your buying from. To see if they are shady people or seem honest.
Volvo SUVs are supposed to be very safe. I also agree with everyone else, dont buy a vehicle off of the internet.
You want a gas saver, then get a Toyota. Especially a hybrid model. Good luck, I just wouldn't trust buying a vehicle that I have never seen or test drove. Also, if the airbag didn't deploy from it's accident, then it could be faulty, and that isn't a good thing.
You can ride a bike to school to save lots of money.

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