After Global Warming goes away...what great threat will we be told about next?

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After Global warming goes away (because of the extinction of the species that was causing it), then the next great threat that will be navigated is how a new intelligent creature might successfully evolve on the planet earth, who is also respectful of the earth's environment, such that it might last longer then the approximate 125,000 years that anatomically modern Homo sapien lasted (0.002% of earths existence)

If in fact 0.002% does indeed become our "claim to fame", then we are a very sad species, to say the least, for not adapting in response to such a prevailing threat like global warming and instead bickering about it right up to our demise.
Bush's policy in Iraq will be proven by Micheal Moore to have caused an asteroid to have shifted it's orbit and be coming right at us.
It's not going to go away until we do something about this:
the worst thing is globalization l have ever seen and it cant be worse than warming is affecting our world in a negative way and there will be no water in the world,it is alarming
Global Freezing. The Left will begin to worry about the next Ice Age and blame America for it just as we are doing with Global Warming.
Is there anything worse that can happen after global Warming? We will be flooded and then after it cools down again, we will freeze. It will be the ice age all over again. Actually, I have heard somewhere that we are already in the early stages of an ice age. First it heats up, allot, and then it freezes. It will be like Hell freezing over.
A superflu being released by the CDC.
the next big thing after global warming will be ignorance - and how it can destroy the world through inaction.
probally gays...NO I AM KIDDIN fo real i better not get no get no hate mail
Bush threatening to bomb America.
What ever "crisis" the left can dream up to further their long term plan to put government in control of every aspect of our lives.
probably that talk radio causes cancer, since the good talk hosts drove all the idiots on the left of the air with their low ratings.
After the freezing and flooding, there won;t be anyone left to worry about any threats, real or imagined!
They are already recycling Global Warming into Global Climate Change. The results are in: sea levels not rising, temperatures not increasing...but wait! That must be global climate change!

Too cold? GCC.
Too warm? GCC
Too wet? GCC
Too dry? GCC
Too windy? GCC

Yes, they predict unpredictability in the future, and we are the cause of it.

the only real danger is someone atually doing some hard work i think their head may blow up!
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The next great threat depends entirely upon which monstrous corporation or government has the pull to get what it wants.

In the period after WWII there was an excess capacity for large vehicles and Diesel fuel so Standard oil company of California and General Motors started a program to buy off politicians in cites. This allowed them to replace all of the street cars and trolleys with great fuel hungry, smoke belching buses burning diesel fuel. They got caught and paid a petty fine but made millions in profits.

Another was the great "hole in the ozone layer over the arctic" scare that allowed a large corporation making millions of air conditioning systems to replace all of the existing systems with new ones and another large corporation to sell replacement freon at a very high profit. Who was this?? Why General Motors and Dow Chemical of course, both of them in bed together. Too bad they found that the hole has always been there and just gets larger and smaller as the sun cycles.

NOW, look around you and see who is making money on the great Global Warming scam.
The threat will be science and reason. Hopefully by then we will just kill anyone who is educated.
Hillary Clinton getting voted into office.

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