Consider a dinner of baked chicken, french fries, and chocolate cake, how does each of these foods give....?

Consider a dinner of baked chicken, french fries, and chocolate cake. How does each of these foods provide energy from the sun?

well chicken the chicken ate the plants who got their food fromt the sun

french fries are potatoes plants that got their food from the sun

and chocalate cake flour eggs, milk and coca all got their enegry from the sun. in flour case wheat is a plant directly from the sun. eggs-mother ate foods that were plants and got energy form the sun or ants that ate leaves which got energy form the sun. Milk got the energy from the sun since she ate hay which gets energy directly from the sun. Coca is a plant so it a primary consumer and it got its energy directly form the sun. Hope this help
First, the baked chicken was inevitably once living. It ate grain that was once wheat plants or corn stalks that needed the sun's energy to carry out photosynthesis.
French fries are derived from potatoes, which are actually roots- but part of a potato plant. The plant also needed sun to grow. If the fries were fried in oil (probably canola oil) the oil is from plants that were once living and needed the sun for energy.
Chocolate cake: The chocolate came from cacao beans that grow on a plant- that needed energy from the sun. The sugar in the chocolate is from sugar cane, also needin the sun's energy.
The flour was once a wheat plant before it was ground up to make flour- which needed the sun.
If eggs were used in the cake as well, they are from a hen which also ate grains for food- that needed the sun for photosynthesis.
Milk- the cow eats grass and grains- both of which need the sun's energy to carry out photosynthesis.

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