1)Keep all 4 windows down to reduce wind drag. With the back windows open, air can escape from the car easily.
2)Use cruise control whenever possible to keep the car at a steady speed and avoid haphazard starts and stops.
3)Remove extra weight from your trunk - which sort of wrecks the opportunity to store junk, and uh, ...a body! Eeeeeeeeew! and a BIG NO-NO!
4)Ignore the ads for gas tank additives claiming they'll get you better mpg. They don't work!
Check out the "Green Car Club"

gee wheez wind drag causes the car to USE more fuel hummmmmmmmmmm

try walking instead of driving
actually keeping the windows down will increase drag. example look at race cars. most dont have windows. the best way to save gas is to limit your driving as much as possible. also if you keep ur speed down. th elower ur rpms the less gas ur burning.
Also, get maintenance for your car when needed, brake your car very smoothly (not pushing your brakes too hard), and try to do errands in a one trip routine (try and do things all in one trip by not driving around too much).

And yes, check your tire pressure often, keep it at the required rate (check your car manual for the recommended tire pressure).
Hey, what do I know? Probably nothing, but I am a 60 yr old woman living alone and from what I have read, you need to have the correct pressure in all your tires, drive the speed limit or a little less, defiantly don't speed because that uses more fuel and use your air conditioning because that is better that keeping your windows down. Good luck and I hope you understand all this better than I do.
If you drive on the highway you will get the best mileage by driving the posted legal minimum speed. You won't win any popularity contests, but you'll see the difference at the gas pump.
Go to Chevron, they have better, more fule efficient gasoline, with the prime ingredient - Techran.

Until next time...

Happy Vacationing!
If the speed limit is 55 or higher, It pays well to drive the speed limit or stay a couple miles per hour under.

Every car built up to 2006 is EPA rated at 55mph. Because of this manufactures design the engine to get the best gas mileage at 55mph. On many cars just going 54 or 56 will lose 1mpg as it is mile per hour away from 55mph.

Starting in 2007 the EPA will be rating cars at various higher speeds as well as at 55mph. So the above trend may change in the next few years.

Also if you drive in the thousands of miles a month, you may wish to consider a Hydrogen Fuel Injection system. They increase gas mileage by around 10% usually, in rare cases as much as 40%. But a good system(not one of those cheap ripoffs) to install costs thousands, so it isn't worth it for a manufacture to install on every car and wouldn't benefit most drivers.
Don't put too much gasoline on your tank if you really dont need it ( like always at full tank ), it keeps your car heavy.
Look and think ahead so you don't have to brake as often. Braking means you'll just have to accelerate again, and that takes gas.

Seriously (not kidding) consider public transit, epecially if there's rail in your town. Even consider moving to a place where transit works better.

Also evaluate neighborhood electric vehicles, and if you're a real techie, convert an older car to electric or plug-in hybrid!

You can also consider just getting a different car. Diesels rock for mileage. You get more miles per dollar with them, plus you can run biodiesel!
A lot of these have already been said, but here's some more;
1) Yes, ALL windows closed, less drag.
2) Keep up on maintenance, better running car = more efficient.
3) Smooth acceleration & braking.
4) Keep tires balanced & w/proper inflation
5) Unless you plan on offroading, buy tires that are made for saving gas, like low profile ones.
6) Turn off your A/C when idling & only turn it back on when you get up to speed, using the highest setting that keeps you comfortable (not MAX).
7) I know this sounds silly, but keep your car well waxed, this is also a racing tip, a waxed car has less resistance to the wind.
8) Silver tint your windows, & use sun shades, this relects more UV and will keep your car cooler, so your A/C wont have to work as hard on cooling you down.
9) Either paint yours or only purchase light colored cars (white is best), they're cooler so again your A/C will thank you.
I was considering buying a Hybrid, but I found out there are so few mechanics who know how to work on them, that you'd be spending all the $$ you save taking it to the dealer. I would suggest instead a diesel, the new Volkswagon Golf, 4Dr hatchback gets 49 mpg! Thats better than most Hybrids & everyone can work on it! Plus, as was earlier stated, you could use biodiesel!
Good luck!
Ride a bike once in awhile. Take care of your errands around town on a bicylce. You'll save a LOT of gas, and it's heart smart, too.
heres a tip dont drive so much, car pooling is a fantastic idea or catch the bus or if you dont have to go far, walk its good for ya
Keep your tires properly inflated to increase fuel economy. Ride a bike or bus whenever possible.
Move to the Middle East.
Not only to save fuel but also for your health: Walk/jog, bike ride, roller skate, row. For fuel savings: Use your motorized wheel chair, take the trolley/bus/Amtrak, sled, thumb a ride to your destination.

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