Any other towns out there that get boil alerts from your water company every 3 or 4 days?

A boil advisory is always coming on the radio here. Makes me wonder if the water is safe to use...I dont drink it anyway. We live within 30 miles of a nuclear power plant. Also on a river that we cant eat the fish from.

nuclear power plants don't pollute water. they use water to cool the reactor which raises the water temp and can kill fish thus giving the appearance of toxic pollution. boiling would kill living organisms, i.e. bacteria, which probably has more to do with a sewage treatment center then the power plant.
Who offically announces these boil alerts? if it is coming directly from the municipality it is a serious problem, but if your hearing it on the radio it may just be the station trying to scare-up listeners...never blindly trust anything from the media. It also could just be a liability thing. I never heard of such frequent alerts but you should look into the source.
How sad.

Please BUY water from a good source.
Not here in Kalamazoo.
Nope, im in maryland and never had one here! that sucks, and i dont think nuclear power plants are that bad for you.its landfills, dump sites (superfunds) etc...good luck
What country do you live in?

Boiling is done to kill bacteria and parasites, so it wouldn't have anything to do with the nuclear power plant. You must have sewage problems if the river is getting polluted. That's pretty serious.

I was under the impression that all states in the US followed the same rules about water treatment, so I'm curious as to where you live.
my town

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