What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?

you cant wash your hands in a buffalo
Nothing. just the name
bison meat comes from a buffalo

they are the same, they just live in different area of the world
Nothing other than the spelling...they mean the same thing
Nothing - bison is the plural form of buffalo. "I saw a buffalo", "I saw some bison".
I think they're the same thing.
But...there is a difference between a WATER buffalo, which is a type of buffalo from Africa, and an AMERICAN bison, which is what's commonly called a buffalo here in America.
Pork comes from hogs, beef comes from cows, venison comes from deer, bison comes from buffalo.
Not the same thing at all. The American Bison is often called a Buffalo, but a true Buffalo is found in Africa and Asia.
In American Western culture, the bison is commonly referred to as "buffalo"; however, this is a misnomer.
Though both bison and buffalo belong to the same family, Bovidae, the term 'buffalo' properly applies only to the Asian Water Buffalo and African Buffalo.
The gaur, a large, thick-coated ox found in Asia, is also known as the Indian Bison, although it is in the genus Bos and thus not a true bison.

Unlike the Asian Water Buffalo, the bison has never really been domesticated, although it does appear on farms occasionally. It is raised now mostly on large ranches in the United States and Canada for meat. Wild herds are found in Yellowstone, Utah's Antelope Island, South Dakota's Custer State Park, Alaska, and northern central Canada.
a bison has taps in london.
bison are the big fuzzy things that roamed north america in the millions and were revered and eaten by the indians. later the brits came over and shot most of them, bison. they are coming back from near extinction now. they are mistakenly called buffalo, which are used as as farm animal in eastern countries, particularly where they grow rice. the huge water buffalo of africa is best left alone. and used for nothing but a wild game anmal. their heads are mounted on walls around the world. fierce beast when aroused. live in their herds and kick lions' butts.
Couple of drinks.
People mistakenly call American bison, buffalo. Bison are what you see out in Yellowstone. Buffalo are Water buffalo which live in Africa and Asia. Terms got mixed up in the wild west and now people call em whatever they want.
I love that joke :o) and can't think about buffalo or bison without chuckling to myself or asking the nearest person that question...

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