Where does go the daily garbage ??

how does the municiplity manage the garbage ? where does they throw it ? how they clear it ??

This all depends on where you live.

In urban areas of North America, garbage is collected by waste haulers in their trucks. They take the garbage to a sanitary landfill. At the landfill, layers of garbage are compacted and covered with dirt. The landfills have liners of plastic and clay underneath, pipes to collect any liquids that drain down to the bottom, and vents to take the methane gas out of the decomposing garbage. The problem is that landfills can still leak and we are making too much garbage. The landfills that we have will fill up, and we don't want to turn the whole country into landfills.
they bury it yo
Residential garbage pickup is the responsibility of each municipality. Garbage and recyclables collection is scheduled differently in each area of the region. On collection day, garbage is picked up and brought to a transfer station where operators sort through it for items that can be recycled or sent to the Waste-to-Energy Facility to be incinerated. What is left of our garbage is loaded into large trucks and hauled to a disposal site or landfill.

A large percentage of waste that is brought to the landfills can be recycled or reused. By paying close attention to what we're putting in our garbage cans and recycling materials whenever possible we can increase the stream of goods produced by recycling rather than using up precious space and money in landfills.
they throw it in a particular DUMPING GROUND.They then burn it.

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