Amount Of Water In The World this true?

I read that there is exactly the same amount of water on the Earth today that there was when the world was born. The writer claimed that the Earth is in effect a sealed ball .So what ever water was in the "ball" can not escape and no more can be added .This means that, in one form or another , there is still the same amount of water on the planet as when it all began...can anyone explain this theory or is it crap.

For all intents and purposes it's true. The earth has vast quantities of water on it - 1.37 billion cubic kilometres of the stuff.

There are some processes, natural and manmade, that give off water as a by product and other processes that use water and convert it into something else. The amounts involved are very small compared to the overall amount of water.

Here's a weird thing - all the water that's ever been drunk by all the people who have ever existed is about seven times the amount of water on the planet. Next time you have a drink of water remember that it's already been drunk seven times before.
its true, but most is poluted these days...
course there is. water evaporates, clouds form and it rains(water cycle). sea level depends on heat causing glaciers to melt.
Im no scientist but I would say its crap..I dont believe it can be proven anyway because millions of years ago oceans are were present where they are not today so there was an increase volume of water produced to create larger oceans etc..
It's the water cycle. All water on our planet is all the water we've had and will have. It's either a solid, liquid or a gas and changes from one state to another depending on temperature. Unfortunately, water cannot be distributed as needed across the globe.
This is true. When it rains, the water seeps into the ground and back into a body of water or the air. If you drink water, you also release it back into these areas by fluids or in death. It doesn't disappear, it always has somewhere to go here on earth.

The only exception is if you remove water from Earth's atmosphere (like a space vehicle).
Yes it is true...I learned in my environmental geology class that every bit of use able water on earth is here right now...I think what they mean is because of evaporation and rain. Also u have to consider that we cannot drink salt water from the ocean...
I'd expect there to be more water on the earth than when it formed, due to collisions from comets (many of which are known to be made at least in part from ice) but from the climate science I have read it appears that globally speaking, neither more or less rain falls since time began - meaning the rain that falls on your window may once have flowed through Imperial Rome.

The earth does contain much more water under the surface - somewhere in the region of five times more than all the oceans put together, but it is probably not possible to calculate how much water has been added since the earth began, as there are too many variables.

It's probably a fair assumption to say that earth has not lost any water throughout its history, on account of gravity and atmospheric dynamics.
its true.

Very simple.

Law of Conservation of Matter states Matter (Including water) is neither created nor destroyed.

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