Tell me this about our government...?

ok, so we and china are the only nations in the worlf that wont sign the NATO or w/e contract its called to reduce fossil fuels. some like 90% of Brazil runs fine on corn fuel for their cars and mass trnsportation, and we have plenty of corn. we are paying at least 2 something a gallon for gas, and its up to almost 4 in other places...why? why wont our government relize that we are killing the enviroment, and it seems like not a whole lot of people care. so i kno bush is an *** and needts to get out of office, and a lot of people feel that way, but you arent doin anything by gripping. Why doesnt anyone do something about it. Cant we write a petition and protest and force bush to open his eyes and get out of iraq and help the enviroment?! I am only 13, so maybe i dont kno everything, but what i do kno is that this is a problem that cn be fixed with a little care of people. So why are we continually letting things go horribly wrong?

Well as far as our vehicles running on corn; the biggest reason that we don't have corn fuel stations is that we'd have to create refinieries then we'd have to create storage depots to store te corn fuel; then we'd have to run fuel lines to the corn fuel stations. In short it would cost roughly 5 trillion dollars to switch over from gasoline to corn.

Now imagine what would happen if we spent a few billion on fuel cells? They've been in use for several decades and aren't very far from being able to be mass produced.

Now for the big reasons we're not putting a lot of effort into switching over to alternative fuel cells: money. It will cost billions of dollars for the automotive inddustry and the power industries to switch over to alternative fuels. Also our military is currently in the process of going green and until they do the public will not be given the technology. If you look at history our military gets updated first then the public gets the technology.

On top of all those things the Bush family fortune is built on gas; it's what paid for our President to get into office and he's not going to be the one to give it up. Also if we don't gradually switch over you run the risk of starting a massive war in the middle east when all of those countries suddenly go bankrupt over night because their economies are not diversified.

It may take longer then you'd prefer to switch over to alternative fuels but if it isn't done right millions could die to chaotic conditions.
we make a lot of money off of it. it would be like destroying the tobacco companies. that will never happen because our economy makes a lot of money of it. and i guess we probably depend on that money.
It´s the Kyoto Accords that the US won´t sign, ostensibly because it would give an unfair advantage to third rate economies such as China and India. Can you imagine a great country like the US comparing itself to these other countries?If the US took the lead in pollution control technology and alternate fuels it would give it a tremendous economic advantage. It´s nice to see someone like yourself even caring about these issues which will determine the future of the human race.
uhhhhh, sure you got your facts straight to begin with? Why would China sign on to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)? Are you talking about the Kyoto Treaty perhaps?

And Brazil doesn't run on corn, South America has oil reserves.

I think that people's lack of knowledge on those topics has a lot to do with why you're continuing to let things go terribly wrong.
The sad truth is the government doesn't care...has never fixed anything.they only dance around the issues.saying pretty things to passify us.the only thing that matters is the allmighty buck. It's as if they know we are on a train wreck, and they want to take as much as they can before it's done.
Our government... has the driving forces of greed and fear to power the decisions made, both before and in future. Humans that allow our individual lives to be driven the same way often suffer, and cause great harm to others nearby. But the nature of a corporation is that it does not die naturally. Our corporate state (curtain pulled) has more rights than the people, and 'we can't fight city hall'; so we watch television, drive around and eat ourselves to death. (And take lots of medication, alcohol, or both).
In other words, when the 800 pound gorilla says sit, most of us will do. Sorry.

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