Are cows to be blamed for global warming?

No No No.
The cows are not to blame.
Blame the humans.
i blame the media, but just in case i'll eat more beef.
They're a significant factor. But what's most important about cows is not their existence. It's how we manage them, using large amounts of fertilizer and cropland to grow large amounts of feed, confining them in large feedlots and poorly managing their wastes, etc. There are a lot of choices of how to manage the issue of cows. And cows are a lesser issue than the more important things, electric power plants, cars, etc.

Here's an example of some ideas about managing farms to reduce their input into global warming. Just an example, not comprehensive.
There is no such ting as GLOBAL WARMING!! My dad said in the 60's they said there was going to be and Ice Age. Huumm, what do you know... There wasn't one! How could you believe in these lies?
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As punishment, they shall be eaten
Cows pass gas and breath out carbon dioxide, just like you do.
Those who want to blame cattle for global warming have not yet thanked our forefathers for ridding the continent of vast herds of buffalo.
They have not yet thanked native americans for causing the extinction of the woolly mammoth. Just think how much gas that prevented!
They have not thought about thanking the whaling industry and particularly modern Japanese whaling vessels for nearly ridding the oceans of whales to save on green house gas emitance.
And those who blame cows have not thanked the Africans for bringing the elephant herds down to the seriously low levels that are required to keep the globe safe.
And they probably aren't thanking those who want to take care of the wild mustang gas problem.

Generally those who bring up cattle as a global threat are politically motivated vegetarian activists reading out of the PETA handbook trying to make life difficult for the cattle industry. Or people who just don't think much.
global warming dosen't exist. it's just a natural cycle that the earth is going through. NEVER LISTEN TO AL GORE!
If they are, then Big Al Gore can be blamed too. They both put out the same thing.
why the cows?
i believe the bigger part of blaming shud be to humans who were sresponsible for enhancement of the warming. all living things breathe carbon dioxide but that will not greatly affect the temperature to an alarming level. Our car gas emissions, smoke-releasing industry and oil companies (plus the air con units) have to be blamed.

The earth has its natural way of deleting its elements like what happened to the mammoths, dinasours, the visuviuos volcano eruption covering a community in italy and others.

the holy cows are few.
Cows are not animals of Nature
,they were invented by Man

Innocent cow blame to man

the closest is the Buffalo
and their hooves are much more pointed than cows,
so they don't compact the ground as much

Cows also are contained by Man
so that they overgraze ,causing desertification
inocent cow blame to Man

And Cows did not invent McDonalds
or decided that they were tasty to many

Innocent cows ,blame to Man

so the end of the story is that if you say cows cause Global warming it comes back to Man as being the guilty one

rest my case on behalf of the cows

Yes and thousands of times over. The methane they produce is at least as bad as Grandpa.
Cows? Well, I suppose in some small way, yes they contribute to green-house gasses as we all do. I've never heard of cows being singled out like this though. Sheep, on the other hand, have been a much bigger problem.

In fact, not too long ago the country of Australia actually sued New Zealand over the amount of sheep-generated gas that was wafting--most unpleasantly- into Australia. One can only imagine the pungent motivation for going to court about this! Anyway, I figure if vast clouds of sheep f*rts are making it all the way to Australia and are bad enough to motivate international legal action, the same sheep f*rts must be vast enough to affect the atmosphere.

I guess you could trying to sue Ranchers? But here in Texas, it's illegal to "defame beef" and you can get arrested for doing so.

Good luck in any event!
you know with all the beans, cabbage, onions and potatoes that vegetarians eat they must release their own share of METHANE.

the fact is cows fertilize the crops that keep you vegetarians going and they dont even have to compete for people food to do it because they can eat a lot of the plants that are not edible to humans and which grow wild on the prairies. So whats the problem?

Dont give us naturally evolved omnivores a hard time about cows just because you feel guilty about your place on the food chain. ..

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