Are Oriental beetle's Good or Bad?

Are Oriental beetle's bad or good? i found one outside A&P
and decided to pick him up just incase he gets stepped on.
Because, im one of those insect lovers ^^
I hate to kill bugs unless its stuff like mosquiteo's, Ticks,Fruit-House fly. stuff like that.
~*~Thank-you for whoever answers!!~*~

I have never heard of Oriental Beetles, except for the Asian Lily Leaf Beetle. It is bright RED from tail to head, and you will fins it close to Asiatic Lillie's, some Sedum and Pulmanaria. If it is that tiny beetle, then squish the poop out of it it is really dangerous to Ornamental Crops. It not,heck give it a good home if you want to!
well were i come from they are very bad and eat trees to twigs if you get enough of them

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