A Global Disaster ---- It I' wrong please correct meI could stand to be corrected?

A Global Disaster ---- It I' wrong please correct I could stand to be corrected?
A huge android are a huge meteorite was to hit earth traveling at a high speed know matter where it hits on earth it would be a global Disaster . But I dont understand why we dont take this matter seriousley we wait until this happen and then we start to panic trying to figure out what we could do at the last minten the same Disaster that kill the dinosaurs will in a matter of time take us out people the way it could be today tonight tomorrow are right now. but one thing for sure this is going to happen.sciencetists know this it true the reason why they do not let the public kno, they dont wont to cause a global panic.

That could happen. But it won't happen soon. Astronomers are tracking thousands of asteroids. There are several projects now underway to find more and smaller asteroids. There is a very high probability that any asteroid big enough to do that kind of damage is already being tracked. All the asteroids being discovered now are much smaller than that. We have almost certainly already identified all asteroids large enough to cause global damage, and none of them is on course to hit Earth. All the possible ones that come close that you hear about in the news sometimes are much too small to cause that kind of damage.

By the way, asteroid 99942 Apophis is very small, about a quarter of a kilometer wide (less than a sixth of a mile), and it will not hit in 40 years, or even in hundreds of years. Even if it did, it would cause only local damage because it is so small. Most of the world would be totally safe.
i agree !!!!
if it happens , it happens, what are you going to do?
The likely hood of this happening is so small. I think that is the reason that nothing's being done. There are also huge costs involved. There are efforts made in mapping potentially dangerous objects, but I don't know how extensive they are or the likely hood of an object going throw unnoticed.
Don't panic. You'll probably be hit by a truck before humanity is wiped out by an asteroid.

There are things you CAN change and there are things you CAN'T change.

Know the difference and live your life.
Astronomers has already found an asteroid named Apophis that has a chance of hitting us in the next 40 years.
Put Apophis into a search engine and read about it. There are some plans in the works in case is does hit.

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