A Global Disaster ---- It I' wrong please correct I could stand to be corrected?

A huge android are a huge meteorite was to hit earth traveling at a high speed know matter where it hits on earth it would be a global Disaster . But I dont understand why we dont take this matter seriousley we wait until this happen and then we start to panic trying to figure out what we could do at the last minten the same Disaster that kill the dinosaurs will in a matter of time take us out people the way it could be today tonight tomorrow are right now. but one thing for sure this is going to happen.sciencetists know this it true the reason why they do not let the public kno, they dont wont to cause a global panic.

You're right, there's a chance.

The good thing is that we are becoming better all the time at finding and tracking the large objects that threaten civilization. It's the smaller ones that can surprise us from time to time.

Should you live your life, though, by focusing on all the ways in which you can die? There is but one certainty in life - you WILL die. What you do with your life up until that point is what defines you and makes it worthwhile. And knowing that you'll die someday is not an excuse to have no concern for the environment or welfare of others - the impact with which you leave this world can be either positive or negative and should be considered during your pursuit of all that is worthwhile.

Having life does not guarantee having A life - if you get what I mean...

Oh, it's "asteroid". Android would be a robot with human-like features.
There you go. Something else to worry about beside global warming. I am proud of you for thinking for yourself. Now have a concert, demand the government do something, and yell at the rest of us for not paying attention. Give speeches, write a book, and make millions from the silly people who will listen to you.
what's the android's name and where is it from?
even as i type this, there are 100's of good folks plotting neo's and there are some working on plans to stop any that may come to close, watch nova discovery science,they have that kind of stuff on all the time, oops there went new york city
Mass extinctions due to large meteorite collisions with Earth happen at odd intervals of 50 million years or so. Furthermore, this type of incident is potentially avoidable, even with current technology, and NASA and other space agencies are working on it.

Global warming, on the other hand, may very well be a slow, certain doom that we are bringing on ourselves. A doom that could be avoided by ending fossil fuel use over the next few decades, instead of the next few centuries (when the oil runs out).

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