Is Live Earth an exercise in hypocracy?

The performers alone are being traveled over 200,000 miles (almost 9 times the circumferance of the Earth). You can bet many are traveling in private aircraft. Then there's the transportation needed for the support (technicians, stage hands, etc). Then there's the transportation for anyone who's attending the events. Then there's the garbage that will be created/left at the performance areas.

Kind of do as we say, not as we do, huh?

Check out this article about good ol' Al and Gobal's a little long but pretty interesting!
Bing Bing Bing. You win! You are right. It is simply a money making venture with a bunch of old "has-been" groups. If they really wanted to have a "Live Earth" it could have been done via the internet. It is about the money or they would have did it for free. You can be sure that Al and Tipper Gore are sleeping in air conditioned comfort tonight while they encourage you to sweat it out under a ceiling fan. Do as we say, not as we do.
No. It's people honestly trying to do something about a huge problem.

Hypocrisy is people who (foolishly) don't believe global warming is real complaining about the global warming caused by the concerts.

Good information on global warming here:
sounds as if you are not a rock fan
did you not go to Woodstock

we cannot have enough exposure to raise Environmental awareness .
Many people will be affected
Al Gore Mentions 2 billion
that is a lot more than the crowds that Jesus pulled

You may not agree with Al Gores aproach in his movie ,but the results are all positive
Many people agree that because of that they have become aware that there even is a problem ,and decided to investigate further or even change their lifestyle a bit
this is all good,

And these concerts will do a lot more,and world wide
Bringing Global warming into the focus of the masses .

The effects of Woodstock rippled on for decades changing atitudes that persist with many people who are in power today .

A changed mentality with the youth today means changes with control tomorrow
At least in theory

and if a quarter of them do positive things because of these concerts ,it will be worth the litter and plane travel
And if i was a rock star i´d rather go by luxery Jet than a donkey any day
Yeah...why not put it on the Internet for free? As its inventor, I'm sure Al could get a discount...

You can bet that the longest lines at the bathrooms and snackbars will be when someone is preaching instead of singing.

And iroteb, good article! I like this:
"When Gieg gets to this point in his argument, as he often does when talking about global warming, he gets a little frustrated. “I always get sidetracked because, first of all, the science isn’t good. Second, there are all these other interpretations for what we see. Third, it doesn’t make any difference, and fourth, it’s distracting us from environmental problems that really matter.”
My educated guess is, "Unfortunately, yes" .

This why a cluster organisations in Australia who are walking the talk of sustainable events and teaching others to how to do the same, are seeking to create a new industry body for arts and events production to improve events sustainability - including how attendees travel to the event.

Current stakeholders in this exciting move are (in alpahabetical order) - chiki productions (Qld based), Peats Ridge Festival (Mid-coast NSW based), Sustainable Living Foundation (Victoria based) , and THE ECO PRACTICE (Victoria based)

It's an idea who's time has truly arrived..
How is making people aware, in a way that many will listen, hypocrisy?

You have a point...all u said sounds reasonable to me..
More money making hype. Check out all the 'Save the Planet', sites selling T shirts, mugs, toys etc, that have sprang up in the last few weeks.
Yes, it is nice to join in the, 'Saving The Planet' media frenzy and to be able to say 'I was there', but people still think they can save the planet by giving money after it has been ruined by global greed.
Absolutely. The organisers are driven by a warm and burning desire for GREENbacks, and the supporters all want to climb on the publicity wagon and gain the most out of the publicity.This link has some interesting comments which we should read
Its not the cause that I'm against but the way the cause has been manipulated to the advantage of a few politicians and entrepreneurs.

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