About saving the world?

We all know that the electricity consumption is the great cause of global warming.

So let's say it is a night incredibly hot and we need to cool ourselves. Do we do better if we use just a fan instead of air conditioning devices? Or is it just the same?

If we hurt the planet either way, maybe I should sleep with ice cubes all around me.

yes fan is the good idea foe saving the world because it does't produce
( CFC) AS LIKE IN AIR CONDISIONER . this cfc creates hole in stratosphere layer from radioactive waves can come to earth .

so we have to switch towards fan .but if it very then we can use AC for some time
A fan uses a lot less electricity than an air conditioning unit, although it doesn't work half as well.

I can tell you: honestly, it won't make enough of a difference if only one person does it...so don't bother with the stupid ice cube idea.
um. mmmm. you know, I heard that CFC's (chloro-floro-carbons)being burned is the depleteing the ozone... I can't beleive people buy into this load of crap, quit watching so much tv... i assure you hawaii will still be there in 10 years, so relax
Think of it this way..do you honestly think Al and Tipper Gore are sweating under a ceiling fan to save electricity and the planet? Of course not. His idea is for you to do that not his family.
Using the fan or ac doesn't cause global warming.
AC does use more energy.
The warming that is going on now is a naturally cycle of earth.
Greenland has been warmer than it is today.
I sleep under a fan in a hammock
the temperature is 40 degrees Celcius at night
but Global warming has far more causes than what you mention
here are a couple
If you wish to goto such extremes, why not just buy blocks of solar energy, rather than subjecting yourself to such silly nonsense?
If you wish to use a fan, rather than an AC, to save money, than so be it. no one is stopping you. but if you wish to be sensible, just do the things that will conserve energy and save you money, like using more energy conservative appliances.
No one is asking you to make such drastic changes, that is up to the energy and fuel industries to make the big changes.
We all DO? Sorry Bubba, you ain't makin' a whole lotta sense. Delete the question and when you get your facts straight you can climb back up on your soapbox.

Another one that's dumb, f.o.s. and nuts.

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