Is it more energy efficient to use a microwave to boil a cup of water or to use a kettle?

The magnetron in a microwave is only about 55-65% efficient.

If you were to only boil the amount of water required in the kettle, then the kettle would be more efficient. If you were to overfill the same kettle by 35-45% then you would be using roughly the same amount of energy as using the microwave.

However even this isn't the whole story - if you use the kettle then you have to heat the kettle itself up to more or less the same temperature as the water, which takes more energy to do.

So none of us can give a straight forward correct answer.
Microwave. You'll be surprised just how much power the kettle uses
The kettle. The microwave is less efficient because it has to convert electricity to microwaves.
It is far safer to use a kettle. What if the cup explodes all over your hand? Kettles are normally quick anyway, and it is energy efficient just to fill it with the amount you need.
A microwave uses less power than a conventional stove. It doens't take more power to convert electicity to microwaves and microwaves work by heating up water within the food, so by its very function, a microwave will heat water faster and more efficiently.
Check out this website for a basic comparison.
Kettle is faster than microwave
I dont know the answer, it may depend on volume of liquid

However you should take great care. It is very easy to Super Heat liquid in the microwave. eg when water in a cup is super heated it doesnt boil, but when the cup is moved the water explodes and can cause sever burns to your hand and face. I recommend placing in spoon (with a long handle) into the cup before moving it (this breaks the surface).
It all depends on what you mean by kettle. Numerous studies show the electric kettle heats water more efficiently than a microwave or a kettle on a stove.The microwave comes in second, but still way ahead of the stove. In fact, the microwave cooks food more quickly and uses 70-80% less electricity than a regular oven and stove.

If you are in the market for an electric kettle, choose one with an automatic shut-off button and a heat-resistant handle. Cleaning your electric kettle regularly with boiling water and vinegar removes mineral deposits inside it that reduce its energy efficiency.
use a kettle why heat a cup of water when you can do a kettle full all at once ,p.s. you can,t put a kettle in the micro
I found vinegar useless for removing limescale in my kettle. I just got brown limescale. I get better results with lemon juice, and the tea tastes nicer with a lemony tang than with a vinegary tang! Cheers!

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