What is the ozone layer for?

The ozone layer isn't there for anything, but it just happens to reflect much of the ultraviolet radiation entering the atmosphere. Life may have evolved on this planet without it, but we are products of the environment we live in. Our environment includes the ozone layer which leaves us and all life on the planet vulnerable if it were to disappear.
The ozone layer has very, very little to do with global warming, that's a different problem all together.
the ozone layer is similar to sun block. it prevents some of the more harmful rays of the sun from reaching the earths surface and frying us all.
It protects us from the radiation given off by the Sun.
It protects us from getting burnt to quickly.
to trap co2 to keep earth hot
its a filter
filters out the suns harmful rays.
To protect us from damaging ultraviolet light from the sun.
The ozone layer is a layer of earth's outer-most atmosphere. God created it to keep us safe from solar rays, ultra-violet rays, etc. Hope this helped!

it protects up from the radation from the sun.
The basic function of the Ozone layer in the atmosphere is to block out the harmful radiations given out by the Sun, esp. UV-rays. These can cause many harmful effects on man, particularly skin-cancer. It also serves as a thermal blanket, trapping heat n keeping us warm...
It a filter, to protect us for the suns rays.
Ozone blocks certain frequencies of ultraviolet light. The ozone molecule, O3, is an allotropic form of oxygen, which has one of its O-O bonds cleaved at certain frequencies of light to form O2 and a lone oxygen atom radical, which can either react with another O3 molecule to form two O2 molecules, or react with O2 again to reform O3. As a result, that frequency of light is absorbed and does not reach the surface of the Earth.

There is no direct correlation between the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect, as the greenhouse effect deals with the absorption of infrared radiation by various molecules in the atmosphere (most notably methane, water vapor, and carbon dioxide) emanating from the surface of the planet.
the ozone layer is there for several resons:
1) so that heat stays in our atmosphere at night (we dont freeze)
2) so that UV rays dont get to the earths surface (we dont get skin cancer iof get burnt)
ozone layer is formed by three molecules of oxygen this compound forms a layer so that it will absorb the shorter wavelength of uv rays.and allows longer wavelength of uv rays.this layer also helps in maintaining greenhouse effect.
The Ozone is a shileld from the electromagnetic waves emitted by the sun, these are called rays. eg Gammar ray and x-ray. They are important though but are also dangerous. It also takes part in the green house effect. The green house effect is a process whereby the waves pass through the Ozone at a greater enegry level but when it hits the surface of the earth it slows down or the energy reduces therefore it no longer has enough strength to go back out. So it gets trapped and warms up the earth.
The OZONE layer is a natural ring of gases which partially diffuse the suns rays, protecting us from sun burn as well as reducing global temperature.
For us to whine about pollution and global warming, so none of us know for sure that we can never be underestimating. Nah lol. JK. It helps us against harmful radiations form the sun, such as UV light etc.
COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP. THE QUESTION IS.. what is the ozone layer for? It is not for anything, it is there, the answers assume that someone put it there. It is a natural phenomena. What effect it has is another question.

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