Are we experiencin Climatic change?

Is what we're experiencing now in Ireland and England climate change taking effect?

Probably not. There are always instances of strange weather. In the US, Texas has gotten more rain in one year than it would get in several years normally. The jet stream has remained stalled in the same position. You will know the climate has changed when it becomes possible to grow wheat in Greenland as the Vikings did when the Earth was warmer or when it snows every month of the year like it did in 1815.
I don't think anyone would argue that things are getting warmer. However, one must be careful about blaming it for individual events.
Heck Yes. Don't be scared though, we can still change it.
positive.the patternnbecome irregular and it is hard to forecast the weather accurately.
well its going to be 105 degrees fereheit(sp) here in chicago on sunday and that is pretty hot. its been that hot here before but for chicago i actually enjoy it while it lasts. because the winter is going to suck.
There will be many weather records broken this year. It IS a sign of global warming, or climate change, whatever your preferred term.
Nope, it's just weather.

Short term weather in one location can do just about anything.

This graph shows what's up. Notice how much things jump around year to year. That's weather. But the long term trend is crystal clear. That's climate.

People tend to confuse the two things. But scientists measure climate and that's what they're talking about.
And I thought it was my menopausal hot flushes to blame
Last summer it was hot and that was blamed on global warming. This summer it's raining and that's also blamed on global warming. These people should really make up their minds.

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