Any better alternatives than switching off the t.v at weekends to help and do my bit for the environment?

The environment will do just fine don't worry about it .
You could write up solutions on how to stop global warming.
A simple thing everyone can do is to buy locally sourced foods.
Then there's energy-saving lightbulbs, don't buy things that have a lot of packaging, recycle - or better still, only buy what you really need...
And so on.
Good on you!
recycle all your plastics,tins,bottles,paper etc etc ,been doing it for a few years now and it has caught on big time in uk and europe,i guess i recycle 60% of everything that goes into bins
replace all your incandesent bulbs with compact floursent.
Recycle aluminium, plastics, paper and batteries
Use public transportation if possible
Sign Al gore's petition to stop global warming.
Smash up old fridges, burn polystyrene, drive at high speed.

That kind of thing.
Plant a tree
Use the air conditioner less and celling fans more. Be sure to turn off the fan whenever the room is empty, because they do not lower the temperature, they just increase the cooling efficiency of your body by moving air over it.
ya just kill all the cows go on a mad cow rampage ... cows have 4 stomachs so they release a lot of carbon ommisions so may be they are the real reason is also fun and gives you something to do during the weekend
There are many easy things that you can do. For example, drive the speed limit. The faster you drive the more gas you waste (and the more it costs you). When your TV is off unplug it as a TV is still using energy even when "off" (an easy way to do this is plug your tv into a surge protector, and then using the switch on the surge protector to turn the power to the tv on and off). You can also air dry your clothing, this will save you money, and prevent natural gas from being burned. These are just a few tips, if you want more you should have no problem finding a book about the topic on amazon.
Open the curtains to let in daylight. Zone heat, why heat a room you aren't using. Turn off lights when you don't need them. Wash full loads of clothes.

Try not to open the frig door unless you really need to.

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