How can you bury a treasure (in a metal container) but not have the container rust?

would wrapping it in a plastic bag be enough?
(say for 15 years...would there be rust?)

An airtight plastic bag would be perfect. That is why we recycle the stuff. It lasts for freakin' ever.
use stainless steel that wont rust plastic degrades and wont protect very long
gold doesn't rust but may get tarnished...
if it's stainless steel it won't rust before ..well never...
for iron containers...galvanising will prevent rust..also store in dry soil in a plastic bag without any entry point for air or water.
dipping the box in a bag full of anti rust compound like ZnO or oil paint should also keep it ok but that's my thought..
Use a large Tupperware or other plastic container.
Non-degradable plastic can survive an estimated 500-1000 years buried in a landfill.
I think wrapping it in a few times in plastic bags should do the trick.

BUT it's not good for animals and bugs if they happen to get into it.

Maybe you can bury it in the container and then put the container in a wood box. I think you'll find it fascinating to see how the box looks after you dig it up and then it will really look like a buried treasure!
Get it powder coated. It's a baked on paint that protects the metal from rusting for 10 - 15 years. If you get epoxy coating it will last longer than that. It's what they use for water pipes ect. so they don't have to replace them so often. The cost depends on the size of the object. They usually have a $50 or $75 minimum for smaller objects. They have some very nice colors too if you want to get fancy! Just look up Powder Coating in you area phone book!
use a metal that would not rust for your cantainer. Eg. gold...

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