Why do I believe I am so intellectually superior?

when all I ever do is biatch about ''feminists'' and ''the pC' brigade", and am too stupid to comprehend that I cannot logically group all people under ridiculous labels, assuming they all believe the same thing?

The problem that you have is called 'downward social comparison.' In your case, you are comparing yourself only to persons who you regard as inferior to yourself or even as idiots in order to enhance your self-image. Practising 'upward social comparison' will resolve your issue.
Thou dost protest too much...
your a ***** or thats how you were raised
iz it coz you iz a twat?
hey, some people believe in a creator

belief is a strange thing
people who have a problem dont realise they have a problem - you are like this because you chose to be
because your a born politician
I believe I just farted
I'm with you all the way.( Although don't get me wrong you are my intellectual Superior master )
Untill you know otherwise you will probably believe that the rest of your life. You feel powerfull. See how your power stimulates others to respond. It is neat. But like the time I felt I was too all powerful and swam into a waterfall. So much for this biggest and most powerful thing. There is always something in reality far more intelligent and powerfull than we are. So as far as one's ego goes in that sense, unless you have a real sick narcissistic iron clad and closed opinion of yourself don't worry, if we get too big for our britches there is always something out there to change our diapers and wipe our bottoms and turn us over and slap that bottom hard enough to show us if only at the instinctual level that we are not such hot stuff.
You're question is a bit confusing, but I'm with you on hating the PC brigade. I think we all get caught up in stereotyping every now and then. I know I have to sometimes step back and take a look at the individual person rather than assuming they are exactly the same as others who share their views.
you might very well be intellectually superior, and also there is only 2 groups of people the elect and non-elect. those who will go to heaven and those who won't those are the only 2 types of people.
Ok. I give up. Why do you hold this belief then?

[ What's a ''biatch,'' by the way ]

Because you are a moron?

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