Help am i physic?

I was looking everywhere my ipod and my mind went blank and then I saw the front seat of my car i ran outside and looked and it was sitting on the front seat a couple days later i was looking for my math packet and the same thing happened but i saw our couch so I ran to the couch and it was sitting there can you tell me what this means?

It might be a coinsidince (sorry if I didn't spell that right, it is very early in the morning) But, you might be psychic. Cool, but let a few more things happen, until you do truley consider yourself psychic... People might not think that this is that cool though, so be warned about telling people.
Your going's okay. I'll see you at the institution!
Generally you are taught to think of the last place you saw an object that you have lost...Since you were concentrating on the lost object, it makes sense that you would think of the last place you had it in your possession. Sounds like you have a better memory than a psychic ability.
um your not physic HAHAAH you brain just remembers where you put it you yourself dont remember where you put it your brain is giving you an idea of where you put it
You wouldn't be asking for our help if you were a psychic. If you think you have any supernatural ability, experiment and see if you can direct and control it to find lost objects etc. at will.

Wish you the best.
Many things in life that happen can never be explained by the normal and there are many of them.
I think it is more your minds eye pulling out the last place you saw it more then Psychic abilities! Now if someone else had placed it there and you did it then I would say you probably do have some ability! But it would have to be in a case where you didn't have any idea where it was placed by someone else!
You're not psychic, you were the one who put the ipod and the math packet where they were. You just temporarily forgot where you put them. When you get nervous about finding something, that can make it harder to remember what you did with it last.
its called a photographic memory, you saw where you left it. no, you are not Psychic. you do have a good memory though

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