[a very popular question] If you weren't hit as a child, but now hit your children, tell us why that's good?

I was spanked as a kid and thought that I would do the same to my kids but now as a mother I finally realize that beating is not the key to discipline. Respect your children and they will respect you back.
I just have to answer this even though I was disciplined
as a child. I was spanked and I don't see anything
wrong with that.
I could tell you a few examples but then if they are
on Yahoo, they may figure out it's me.
Let me just say some of the kids are seeing a therapist
now because they have some bad problems and
they were never disciplined.
ok...let say this..if your dog crap on the floor..chew up your tv remote..are you going to hit the dog ?
it's bring remembrance of causes and effects.
IF you got caught speeding..what is your punishement/
OK..what can parent do..since a child don't work?
pain bring disciple.
like pain..losing 100 budcks or 1000 bucks..for doing wrong.

if you love a friend or a child or a pet..YOU'll give it correction.a.nd IF WORDS DON"T WORK>>after many warning..THEN comes a spake..a pain..of DISCPLINE>
Military use it..generation before us..used it
and it's been very effective in raising children to respect others..
Of course..there a balance. not enough..or too much.
produce..a problem adult..either way..them who don't get enough..don't respect the law of the lands..them who got too much of it..same thing..don't respect the law of the land.
I would NEVER hit my children, nor allow anyone to do that..
i don't, and i don't think that it's good. some people like to just follow the rule of spoiling their kids by not doing what their parents did. apparently these people are really stupid!!

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