..is it a mental illness? or just a weird personality trait? is avoiding people and preferring solitude normal? does it make any sense, to force going to parties or other social gatherings?

Being Unsocial is not a mental Illness and, it is not a "Weird Personality Trait." Normal and Abnormal are useless and misleading terms. I would replace "Normal" and "Abnormal." with "Majority" and "Minority", To answer your question; Only a Minority of us prefer Solitude, the Majority of us prefer to Socialize with other people and be part of a group. No person should be forced to participate in an activity that they do not wish to participate in, but, there is no good reason for not being social and civil. Preferring Solitude is more of a Characteristic than a personality trait. There are other Psychological issues related to your blog; Self
Esteem? Assertiveness? Extrovert? Introvert? Loneliness? Depression? Motivation? Purpose in Life? Being "Unsocial" is most often found at a young age and should be temporary. God Bless!
it could be both. it could be depression. or it could be a personality trait. i wouldn't force them to go to parties, that would make them anxious.
you should go hang get out as much as possible. i do understand your feelings i am the same way and it drives my wife nuts as she is real out going and vivacious plenty of personality
It could be both, but forcing them into social gatherings might make them feel less fitting, and mor nervous. Maybe try to inch that person into it, start with you and that person, and then someonelse and you and that person. Accomadating to them would be best.
Mental illnesses are usually defined as states in which it significantly interferes with the performance of daily activities. If this problem is not causing extreme stress for the person or causing harm to other people around him/her, then it is probably just a personality characteristic and people should be free to be themselves, as long as they are atpeace with the consequences of their decisions.
Usually you can try to get the person to reveal supressed emotions. Maybe that can help he or she be more free in the mind and be natural. Either the person gets counseling or use medication. It's can be a mental illness but depending on the intensity of the situation. But in the case described above, it's mental illness.
i think its kinda both
no its not normal or doesn't make sence
No, its nothing weird or some disorder...Some people like to be surrounded by alot of people because they find it more comforting. And some like to just want to be left alone or in smaller groups. ...

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