Am I mostly a left brainer or right brainer?

I seem like a left brainer, being good at maths, science and being logical but I think very visually (also have good spatial skills) and am quite creative. Hiow could this be?

It depends on what hand you use. Left handers have the right brain and right handers have the left.
You have balance!
The brain is far too complex to assign broad skill areas to the right or left hemisphere. The whole "left/right brain" concept has been blown way out of proportion by the popular media and uninformed people. You certainly can be analytical and creative at the same time. Just enjoy your talents and use them wisely.
The schools of thought on left-right hemisphere have blurred the distinction. Higher Math and Abstract reasoning and Logic are still part of the right.

The distinction seems to lie more in left- brain is concrete linear and right brain is abstract -linear if that makes any sense.

High math is still intuitive. The way you can tell right vs left is how you learn. The left brained concrete learns by rote. They usually are less concerned with concepts and understanding why. The right brained are concerned with why and the core issue. If the core is understood, than instantaneously all the rest follows. For instance a left brained person understands the formula for the distributive theory in math. The right-brain mathematician understood the underlying concept of math and could come up with the distributive theory without being taught.

You can have a right-brained math wiz or a right brained word-wiz-poet.

You can also have a left brained math wiz who knows it by rote and the same with English.

I think the distinctions are a little misplaced.

The answers post by the user, for information only, does not guarantee the right.

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