Some girls are pretty but not hot. Some not-so-pretty girls are hot. What makes a girl hot?

I think I don't require to add details. We men are so easily and thoroughly perceptive about women! Unsaid details allow our fancy to soar.

Hot means she makes you think of sex, she turns you on sexually, sometimes she's just likely to have sex with you.

Pretty means her looks are aesthetically pleasing, but she doesn't necessarily turn you on.
Her personality.....some of the best looking women i have met have been airheads and nappy little hos!!
Pretty = Face

Hot = Body
her looks and personality:)
I thought "hot" is more of a superficial thing kind of. Like most girls can be somewhat hot by just wearing certain kinds of clothes, looking trendier, accessorizing and carrying themselves with this attitude of "You know you want me." Haha. Pretty, I think is more of a calm, natural approach. Girls that are pretty, I think, tend to be girls that are confident but not necessarily all about they way they look and still dress really well, but don't necessarily go for all trends. They carry themselves with more of a confident, but for themselves approach rather than I want other people to notice me. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. After all, I'm a girl and I'm sure your definition of hot and pretty is totally different. Btw, I don't mean my definition of "hot" to sound as negative as it seems.
Usually it's a woman's self confidence in her sexuality that appeals to you guys.
hot = revealing clothing, suggestive body language, outgoing behavior.
In addition to all the answers to this question, there is something in women which cannot be seen, but which definitely "turns men ON!"---it is called 'female pheromones'.
This is a smell that is secreted by people (men secrete male pheromones & women secrete female pheromones ) ONLY during their active years, the body 's production of this hormone ceases after a person crosses sixty in men, and perhaps 55 or so in women.
Science today has been able to isolate and duplicate this hormone, which has a magnetic attraction for boys/men when the girl is "Hot".
If this is missing, the woman merely LOOKS attractive, but is not HOT!!!
Today it is possible to purchase this pheromone.
Attitude! when she can show you that you want her and you didn't even know it then she is hot. She makes you think of things you didn't think you would think of... that's hot.
Pretty is everywhere, you can have a pretty sister, neighbour, cousin or even a pretty flower or something, that doesn't mean you want to have sex - I hope.
I see that all answers so far are from men. I'd like to ask you, have you ever wondered how a hot girl could settle down with a short, fat bald man?

Dont tell me he's rich.

No, seriously - men go by looks and tangible quantitative aspects, though most would vehemently deny it. The truth is - fair / dark / cute / sexy / sexy smell / eyes / long hair / curls ... everything is a physical tangible quality.

Every man has his own taste.Assume a guy likes curly hair. If a girl is a not-so-pretty girl but has the cutest short curly hair the guy had ever seen ... she is hot in his eyes. I guess that's something God did when he wired the sexuality of man to make sure every woman has a fighting chance to keep her man interested in her!!!

Its difficult to find a guy who has achieved a balance where he can appreciate both the physique as well as the intellect of a woman - that's why a woman would rather be with a short fat bald guy who'd respect her than with the most handsome and richest king who has hundreds of wives.

You're right when you say men are thoroughly perceptive about women (and presumptious too looking at all the answers so far) But women are not - silly girls are - and I'm not talking of them. But a woman loves a man who is still a boy at heart - did u know that :-) ?
pretty means beautiful good looking hv good shape but hot means her eyes where u want to take a dip & die
My wife is pretty and hot. If I obey her, she is cool. If I obey myself, she is hot. If I take hot tea, she is cool. If I desire, cold lassi, she is hot.
With me, its the intelligence/personality of the woman that sets her apart from the pretty and into the hot category. For some men, the size of the breasts and behind account for the discrepancy between pretty and hot. But if her looks are all she has then a lot of guys will find themselves bored and low on cash very quickly.

This isn't true for some guys though. Some are just as happy to spend all their money keeping their trophy woman happy, in order to gain some kind of respect from their other guy friends. How a man's friends rate a woman decides how hot she is in this type of person.

When i first meet someone, i naturally look them over like most everyone else. The conversation or time spent together afterwards is what can change the attractiveness of a woman with me. Pretty girls can become not so attractive and cute girls can become bombshells.

After a guy has been in a serious relationship, he can usually appreciate the finer things in women, beyond the exterior, and make his decision of attractiveness own his own.

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