Why do i get hurt?

with ppl holding low self-esteems...? why does it matter me?

It happens to me too, its cause your sensitive. I cry whenever I see someone disabled.
Jackal, maybe you are so unhappy with yourself now. And unhappy people always love when everyone else is unhappy. Misery loves company. Remember that Jerky Jackal... save yourself, save your own soul.
Can you give them some of yours?
this just proves your are a very sensitive person who cares for other people.on a mystical side you might just say you have the gift of empathy which is the abillity to sense what other people are feeling.becarful because dont let other peoples lifes get in the way of yours
You get hurt because you feel their pain, their hopelessness. It matters to you because you are a human being with a kind heart cause if you didn't have one, you couldn't care less if these people have low self-esteem.
You can look at the logic of depression it is just a response your mind is sending to you like a warning that is only telling you something is hurting you ( like physical pain), and then you will know that something needs to be change to feel better. If something is bothering you, talk to someone about it or write out your feelings so you don't get negative energy built up inside of you.

I don't completely understand your question but everything about self esteem has a similar basic foundation to work with to help you. You have control over how you feel, forgive yourself we all make mistakes, enjoy your life and live it to the fullest. I always say until you have tried everything you wont know what is right for you. So keep an opened mind and do what makes you happy.
try to ponder this "No one person can make you feel inferior without your consent"
Everyone in life is special whether they themselves realize it or not, they have unique qualities that make them really special and that has to include you too,

try to take really good care of yourself like you were royality. Your dress, your diet, your thoughts, and the way in which you wanted to be treated, don't settle for second best, for you that is just not good enough.

if you can try to look at yourself as the most important person in the world, and you are you will find it is a good place to start.

Work on this for a few weeks and see the change

I really hope this answer comes up to what you wanted because you have to learn to accept only the best even from people that are trying to help

Stay safe, stay happy and most of all feel loved. if this were one of my children I would give them the same advice

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