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What is between these two people? Are there any feelings from any side?
Situation. A guy writes to a girl: ''...You weren't open and honest, again and again you kept telling me and other people that all you wanted was friendship. And I felt bad that I was not really able to give you that friendship, because it felt somehow weird. But all you've been doing was lying. Don't get me wrong, I'd probably done the same, but how I should have made that cut if I was not sure it'd be necessary. You call me a coward, but what are you? A victim of your love?''

To my understanding, one of the party is seeking something more than a mere friendship. There seems to be a misunderstanding with the feelings of one another. It is possible that feelings exists between both parties but they (feelings) are pointing to different directions.

At this juncture, perhaps it is better to agree on one point - either to continue this 'friendship' or to quit it.

Friendship is beautiful when it is taken smoothly and earnestly. It helps each other grow and to know each other better, which in time should lead the two persons to maturity that would finally enable them to make up a decision whether they are meant for each other for life or not.
It sounds to me like two people who are attempting to be too subtle and non-committal about their perceived relationship with each other.

Those types of games get old quickly. Honesty and directness clear up these misunderstandings.
who gives a rat's a.s.s.?
You got sick of her games, and honestly I think she's the coward one, because even though she "loved" she denied it not only to you but to everyone!! and you of course having a broken heart, you reached your limit when you have to protect yourself from a broken heart and being in a road with no hope. That's when you made that smart cut. Now, she comes and call you coward? the nerve of this chick! I would highly recommend you find a girl with brains, you'll see the difference!! How unstable you are going to be being with a girl that tell things to a lot of people and at the same time...lying!!?? even to herself, She's a Pro! (professional)What a waste!!
I congratulate you, you did the right thing, and remember: she lost.
It seems to be a case of mis-trust,and childish tendency. Neither of the two is trusting the other one. Both of them knew that they are lying and hiding their true self. Therefore, in the long run such friendships are bound to fail.
It is good that they have accepted the situations and their separate paths.
When two mature people meet, this situation does not occur. Wait until you are mature and then let yourself develope a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

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