Why do we always tend to sing the songs we think is so stupid?

How do they get stuck in our heads?

that is a good question. i think that the jingle is easy and repetitive so it leaves you with the stupid sound in your head and its on rewind , over and over . i really dont know .
the radio sometimes gets bribbed into playing music over and over again to the point where it's your self-conscious singing it like with that song umbrella
It was Noel Coward who complained about 'the potency of popular songs'.
Most stupid songs that get stuck in your head were actually engineered from the get-go to be 'catchy' in order to get radio play, and to sell albums.

When you make music specifically designed to make money rather than out of a love of music, then it is gauranteed to suck.

Stupid songs are fun. They make you happy. I love to hear Mmm Bop by Hanson. The song is really really stupid, but it makes me happy!
It's old adage. that which we say we hate, we really love. I think!
cause we like it or they r being played so many times tat we tend 2 sing it

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