Am I just a fool of an optimist?

I went on a boat trip the other day , and when I returned to my car , I found that the back door lock had been cleverly broken,and my car had been entered .On closer inspection, I found my mobile phone , mp3 and cd player ,all gone!!Sitting down dismayed , I started looking for a big bag of cherries I had bought, and found they had gone also.Now , I love cherries,and would begrudgingly share them with anyone,and this thief , liking them also made me kind of like him (or her ).And It all kind of felt all right again, and I still feel ok,and could be friends with the thief, just because they like cherries.
Now is this normal?Will I get walked over in the future with such a carefree attitude to life?

awww i'm sorry about ur lose of belongins, the cherry thing kinda made me laugh tho, i dnt no if its normal, bt how can we define wot is normal or not, we are all to our own, each with our own thoughts n feelings, i can see wot u mean tho, its like this person shares the same love as u regarding cherries, not just a "oh yeah cherries are ok" bt a


so its like wow! someone loves cherries as me! so i mean u feel like ur on the same level with this person, bt just not with the stealin side of things, so i mean yeah i think other people in ur shoes cud feel the same way. n

n i think its really great that u have a care free attitude! wot i wud give to have that!!! that is a real quality in itself! bt at the same time is there is only so far that u can take this, because like u said people cud end up walkin over u if they they thing u cnt say no.

so i wud say carry on with this great attitude becoz it makes u a happy person which really attracts, welcomes and invites people to u, makes u like an open person, bt at the same time, if u EVER feel a person is tryin to take advantage over u or walk over u, u have got to say NO! which will also make u stronger as a person!

so i hope everythin goes ok, n i hope u get u care sorted n hopefully ur stuff back, go down to the shops n buy urself a big bag of cherries at ur loss of the other bag, n just think that there are other cherry lovers at u, mayb envy them if u like thats up to u.

u seem like a very nice person, so i wish u all the best!
If you're insured... it's the cherry on the cake of life... at least this way... you realise that human nature has its flaws and see the wider picture;-)
Whilst it is normal to choose friends with similar likes/interests, liking the thief who has stole your stuff just because you both enjoy cherries seems to be taking it a little too far...
You've read the Dice Man, haven't you !?
Your experienceing the Irony that is life.

Chances are, if I were you.. I would probably have a deep convo with the cherry thief.

******* strange : )
well I think you will only get walked over in the future if you continue to be a foolish optimist...but in saying all that... I have to admit I'm a distrusting,cynical person.
Well, while it's definitely not healthy to stress out over something that's already done and that you can't change, I wouldn't go as far as "liking" the thief. This person is not the kind of person you would want to be friends with. And, they obviously had a blatant disregard for you and your personal property. They could have been stealing it to go buy drugs, not exactly an upstanding citizen. It takes a very low person to go through with something like that. The cherries were just a free meal, they probably would have took apples if you had them in there, too.
I think it's great that you think positive!

I had to laugh at the picture of your thief sitting somewhere thinking "God bless you" for those lovely cherries! LOL I wouldn't go so far as saying you could be friends but obviously you can forgive people easily enough. Probably some dumb schmuck who was taught to steal from doubt a kid still.

Hey, material things are replaced. Just remember to check your insurance to make sure you are covered for REPLACEMENT value and not a depreciated value of what you lost...and make sure you are compensated for the FULL way or another...these insurance companies rip you off that way.

Look on the bright side, (oh already ARE! lol) you can buy brand spanking new equipment now, top of the make SURE you get enough money back to cover it!!
Everyone has different ways of looking at things and different ways of coping with stressful situations. You're clearly a lovely person and will give anyone the benefit of the doubt. When you found out that you had been robbed you were obviously upset and angry. Maybe not at the fact your things were taken as such but at the fact that actually, the world in not always such a nice place and people are sometimes very selfish and cruel. Your way of coping with this was to look at the fact the thief had also taken your cherries meaning they obviously liked cherries too. You then felt that this made the thief more "human" and friendly and you even likened him/her to yourself. This was your way of coping with an even that upset your view of the world and others in it. i think this optimistic view is wonderful but slightly naive. I think you try to see the good in everyone but sometimes end up wearing those rose coloured specs a little too often. Most thief's are drug addicts stealing small items like the ones you mention so they can sell them quickly and get cash for their next fix. I think your thief just had a case of the munchies!
Well, you technically don't know the thief yet, do you? So there's no saying what you might really want to do if you happen to meet the person.

It's usually a positive thing if you think positive. But that sucks, to lose your things like that. Especially cherries...why cherries is beyond me. What I think is that if you like someone because they like what you like, there's no reason that you have to develop a relationship. You just happen to share an interest in cherries with the thief. Don't get your hopes up if the thief isn't who s/he turns out to be.
To be or not to be a thief it is a Thief by all means. Do not be as lovely as you are. It could be a gun and he could had used to shout you.

don't judge the thief by your cherries....he was just probably hungry or something.....
Maybe the thief is a jerk so befriending someone that is a jerk would be foolish based on the fact he/she liked cherries. Considering they stole your belongings they are a jerk in my books. Define normal? Normal is a idea within each of our heads and from my perspective a very surface observation. I think that it is healthy to think outside the box we all live in at times it shows that we all have a natural way as humans to expand our thought beyond thinking "what should I have for lunch today"? The fact that your were able to look beyond the short coming your are now facing b/c of that thief you were able to think of how it truly hasn't changed YOU as a person. If you think you will be walked all over as a person, then do something to change. You question makes me think of like when they find a serial killer and they interview the neighbours " well... he SEEMED like such a nice NORMAL boy" lol.

“The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.”~~Alfred Adler quote.

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