Why do i feel this way--is this normal?

ok well i have a problem. do any othermarried women in thier twenties not want to have sex with thier husbands? we do it, but i feel absolutley nothing. we have a child, and he's like my best friend and i cant imagine him not being here with me, so i was wondering if this is normal and will pass? i see other guys everyday, and i get turned on for no reason when i see one thats attractive. i feel like a cat in a field of mice. its annoying and i want it to stop. i would rather have no sex drive at all, then be horny for everybody but the guy im with. so if you've had the same problem let me know:)
ps. we have been together 5 years

oh yes my dear, this is VERY normal (BTW, i think possession of a uterus should be a pre-requisite for answering this question lol).
After taking care of the house, the pets, the child, the hubby, picking up after same, and trying to squeeze in one nanosecond of time that just belongs to you without anyone wanting to talk to you, touch you, complain to you, question you or needing something, home life sorta loses some of the glamour doen't it? It's no wonder you find yourself attracted to someone whose shorts you didn't wash today. They (this mysterious stranger) havent contributed to your exhaustion or---dare i say it---your resentment. I have been married for 7 years and we have a four year old and i gotta say, there are some days that i come home from work with every intention of some sweet luvin, then i notice that the laundry is still wet, the dish washer still hasnt been run, and dinner is 2 hours late---no luvin tonight. the urge completely goes away and i am resentful. and i end up maybe thinking about the guy who smiled at me in tim hortons that after noon---only because he didnt cause this feeling of frustration, or resentment or whatever. I would NEVER EVER act on this, i have no desire for that. But it's normal to feel the way you do. Dont worry, it'll work itself out and you will get back in the groove. Just talk to your hubby about what you need.
What you are experiencing is not normal in any sense of the word. For your sake and that of your family, seek professional counseling from a marital/family therapist. You have deep and clinically significant personal issues that require immediate attention. Please do it.
Your husband is your best friend so take the time to confide in him with what you are feeling. I know it is not easy living in a world where everywhere you turn there seems to be somebody else whom you think might be better then the one you've got. If you were to have an affair with somebody else your life will change so dramatically that you would regret it for the rest of your life, God does not condone it, believe me I know. I have never had an affair with anybody because I thought about all of the people that would be hurt because of my foolish choice, and it is a very foolish thing to do. Have some respect for yourself, and find greater love for your husband, he may have some slight flaws but you married him, so show him that you love him by being his, wife, his companion, his eternal friend, and make it last a life time, you will be sooo glad that you did.

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