My friend cries/get hostile when shes gets really drunk. Does this mean anything?

The other night, one of my best friends had a date with Cuervo... She wound up bawling her eyes out, telling me how sad she was about everything. I have known her for years and have never see her like this! I used to do the same thing, but instead I tended a little more aggressive.

I heard these kinds of behavior are signs that you're really depressed, and hiding it. I have heard so many people say that your true, inner-self cannot be masked when you're hammered. They say that for people who are depressed, and hiding how they feel inside to other people and/or denying something to can be unleashed by alcohol, (or other drugs) I also heard these are common symptoms from people who have family members w/ alcoholism.

I agree, somewhat. In my opinion....alcohol is a depressant and that is what it can do to people, depress their feelings! But i don't exactly think that means that you're a depressed maniac inside.

Why are some ppl more prone to act like this?

Your friend was right to a certain was the alcohol.

Some people are quiet drunks, some are angry drunks, some are weepy drunks, some are happy drunks. It all depends on the person and sometimes the type of alcohol.

It also depends upon the state of mind the person was in BEFORE they started drinking. If they have a lot on their mind, they're going to express those feelings (whether anger, depression, or whatever) more freely while drunk because alcohol relaxes peoples' inhibitions.

If you find however that your friend is drinking more and more and is becoming frighteningly depressed during her drunk AND sober states then you might suggest that she seek some counseling.
Yea it means your friend is drunk darlin. That's all. If it persists, and grows into a routine then it means she is well on her way to alcoholism.
I think it's all in your gene make-up. Getting angry or sad is the same thing as getting giddy or goofy. That's how the alcohol or drug effects that person. I really don't know, though. My suggestion, don't let her drink anymore.
Well buddy. I'm JUST LIKE THAT myself. I can get really hyper and happy and hug and love everybody, but once I drink too much it's all down hill. I'm really sensitive to certain subjects and if you bring them up when I'm drinking I just start to cry and typically end up passing out with a headache. The reason I'm like that is because I'm DEPRESSED about certain subjects. Not so much about my life altogether, just certain things. We all have our sensitive subjects and trying to avoid them is best. If she gets like that, just have her limit her drinks. If I don't think I can trust myself with "limiting" I have my fiance do it for me. If you can, talk to her about it and see what she says. If she needs someone to talk to, be there for her.

Good luck!
When you're drunk it numbs the part of your brain that controls how you act in social cituations. In example tone of voice, the way you present yourself, and knowing what not to do in front of people. It does bring out the truth in people. I remember making an *** out of myself a couple times. All it means is that shes was angry and sad about something and couldn't hold it in anymore. This is why I stick to beer, I get completely out of hand when I drink hard liquor.
im a firm believer that how you act when you are drunk is how you really feel on the inside, happy people tend to get hyper, depressed people get sad and angry people get violent. Just let her know that you are there for her if she needs someone to talk to but dont confront her or she may push you away, she will talk when she is ready to.
Yes it means something... it means she should quit drinking! Drinking should be fun. When it's not fun anymore, ask yourself some questions. Ask her if she can spend a month without drinking. If she can't do it, she may have a drinking problem.

Good luck!
Its really simple:

If you want to find out if your friends have an alcohol addiction, you should keep a watch for the psycological effects of alcoholism on their behavior and activities - just like you done that, but focus on these questions:
Do they require alcohol right at the beginning of the day?
Has there been any change in their friend circles, with a greater liking for friends who drink?
Has there been any loss of interest in hobbies and activities that were once considered to be very important?
Do your friends show signs of anxiety, mood swings, depression and rage regularly - not just when being drunk?
Further, has there been any change in the eating habits, sleeping habits and weight (loss or gain)?

If the answer to these questions is yes, there is very high chance that your friend has an addiction to alcohol.

Your friend has been drunk and excessive use of alcohol can lead to depression and anxiety, as well as possible "violence against self" - so its been good that you have been there to listen, if possible make sure she doesnt become an alcoholic.
i go with what PPP was saying above, also of what she says about her b/f and says now its not true maybe she says that bcoz she's scared your say something??? just keep an eye on her and change her drink if that one makes her sad!!! or beta still keep her of the alcohol that wont make ne probs she has go away it will only make it worse!
They can't handle their alcohol, it has nothing to do with depressioln.

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