How do you become nlp/hypnotherapry practioner?

i'm wondering about becoming an NLP practioner that also gives hypnotherapy as i'm very interested in how we all think, also interested in body language and what influences us to make desicions and how words can change the way we think about things. I know there is a lot of controversy around it but i'm very interested in it and was wondering how you actualy "get started" ill put it. Such as, if theres a degree in these 2 subjects and a masters like there is in other things or if you just have to take a course to qualify as a practioner.

And if theres an easier way to get into this type of subject such as taking a degree in psychology or therapy or maybe becoming a body language expert of somesort than i am more than willing to do it as for a long time i have been interested in how the brain thinks.

Any help or ideas would most defintley be appreciated. Thanks.

Paul McKenna does the Hypno course along with the NLP and also a guy called Anthony Robbins. I think they are very expensive, but worth a visit to their websites. (PS: a friend of mine did both these courses and is now a nlp/hyp practitioner. He cured my hubby of smoking! Good luck :)
Stick a sign in you window saying 'NLP/Hypnotherapist'!

Really, there is no regulation. I've done courses in both and got certificates to hang on my wall, but I wouldn't even need those if I wanted to go into practise! Fortunately, my conscience prohibits me from earning a living exploiting the gullible!
Stick an ad in the Yellow Pages and wait.

Both practices are more about gaining the patients trust and you being a good listener.

In the UK at least there is no regulation of these careers but I suspect it will come. Professional qualifications are a good start but not essential.

It sounds more like you'd be interested in the research side rather than selling to the community, though.
Hi, i qualified as a hypnotherapist it was a 2 weeks course ,if you want to do a course look which is the nearest to you on the internet and im sure you will find one.Good luck
Hi - Given your areas of interest NLP is right up your street. There are many courses about and all are pretty expensive. There is no recognised UK qualification for NLP, and everyone is right saying at the moment it is unregulated.

Having said that I became a practitioner about a year ago and the course blew me away in all the areas you talk about plus some.

If you fancy having a closer look I would recommend that you get a book called Neuro Linguistic Programming for dummies (isbn-7645-7028-5 £14.99) it is easier to read than most books I have seen.

There are some great NLP websites as well.

Enjoy your journey.
NLP isn't something you can take in University or College because it hasn't been verrified by any testing and therefore isnt considered "real". You'd be much better off taking a Psychology course or degree and learning about how people "work", as well as skills to tell what kinds of therapies/techniques are more valid than others. I'm taking a degree in Psychology and you really learn a lot and it prepares you for all sorts of related things like NLP, etc. It gives you a background to work from that you don't always get from certificate programs that don't have a lot of science behind them. Anyway, hope that helps!
well you need a degree in nlp practitioner, then masters, then trainers license from the grand master, then hypnosis. cost probably about 10k. not including food, travel, and hotel expenses. probably total at around 15k-20k depending on trainers who train the subjects. if you have to take college to prepare you for nlp well then thats 100k down the hole and 4 years to prepare for it. 100k or 20k. hmm- you can go to be trained in nlp trainers 5 times. youll getting the info in your head most assuringly. youll be like tony robbins doing semanars all over the planet.

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