Why do I have an emotional attachment to inanimate objects?

Mr. Nathan R. This is a problem...I'm a psychiatrist and i come across this problem often. Its you who has to answer this question, no one else can help...only you that's who. Your the one that can make the change in your life.
It makes you feel safe somehow
As long as it's not affecting your daily life, there's no problem with it.

I get a little disheartened when my lightbulb dies. :(
Yes, it can make you feel secure like one of the users said, but honestly I think it has to do more with your childhood. Like, you must of felt wonderful when you got that object (without even knowing it in some cases) which means that whenever you think about that object, you start to become very attached to it. It can also have to do with memories with it too. (Like a five year old who always used to bring his/her stuffed bear to school) As long as you aren't showing your emotions in public, then there's not a problem.
you probably have specific memories with certain things

when you see these objects, you probably think of the memories that come with them, and thats a good thing...means your not a robot!!

from good times that you have had, you have certain objects that are little tokens of those experiences.

Life lesson? Dont replace people with objects. You will find yourself lonely and lost. Watch Labrynth. That has a great moral lesson behind it about inanimate objects and people.
Inanimate objects that you are attached to likely have some relation to a kind or good memory, not necessarily a specific memory, but I think you know what I mean.

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