How does one become an art therapist?

I'm intrested in becoming one but im not sure how many years of college, or what should be my mojor, or where to even start for that matter... help?

it depends on level you want to go up to. if you want to do traditional therapy you'll need a masters degree or Ph.d (only if you choose to go that far) and to be licensed by whichever state you wish you practice in. If you decide on psychiatry you will need a medical degree. Anything like Forensic psychology or something thereof will require a Ph.D or an Psy.D

Oh and a bacholor's is 4 years. A Master's about 6, and doctorate anywhere from 8-12 depending on the program you choose, and how the school you are attending has it laid out.
Art therapists are highly qualified and specialised. It normally means registration as a therapist (psychologist or social worker - i.e. Ph.D level) PLUS a qualification in art or art therapy program. HOWEVER, many psychologists and therapists use art in psychotherapy without necessarily being an art therapist. In fact, any qualified therapist can use art as a functional aid in therapy, if they have some experience and training. My suggestion would be to study psychology (will be 6 - 8 years), and then after qualifying, if you still want to, then do an additional course in art therapy. Keep in mind for eg. that a social worker (4 yrs training) with registration to do counselling could also use art as a functional aid in therapy, so there are shorter ways to get there. Check the local board/council of psychotherapy for more info.

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