Does this make me crazy?

I see things no one ealse sees, and I hear voices some times. I've seen what I thought was a unicorn before, tiny beople dancing in my room, and had conversations with butterflies (I think they were actualy faeries). I frequently dream of ethereal elven warriors.
I also think I'm alightly empathic. When someone around me is experiencing intense emotions, they are mimicked in me. It is hard to tell what feelings are actualy my own, and what comes from outside.
So, am I losing it? Am I losing touch with reality? Or is THIS reality that everyone ealse has lost? Am I crazy?

Answer:'re not crazy...just very sensitive.....and i'm talking 'bout all six senses...
nah, your fine, happens to me all the time...
Your own questioning if you are losing it tends to obviate the fact that you are.

You may perceive that you may have an acuity above the normal range, but, in reality, I believe you to have only a vivid imagination and a penchant for heightening reality through your thought processes.
No, nothing wrong with you. Everything is OK. Nothing to worry about. Gotta Go NOW.
I heard once that if you could question your sanity then you are probably not crazy. So, for the time being you are probably not (though I'm not licensed to say). But if at any appoint you find that the voices, the dreams, or any of your experiences start to affect your how live your every day life, then I suggest you seek help.

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