What can I do to reach inner peace? Please, no answers of geezus.?

Fill your mind with thoughts of gratitude. Think about all the wonderful things that have happened to you. All inner turmoil will vanish.
try yoga or meditation,
PS the correct spelling is Jesus.
I think the answer is different for everyone.
What makes you happy? Strive to achieve that happiness. When you do reach it, you will have inner peace.
Realize you must do what makes YOU happy, and not what makes others happy or what you think makes others happy.
You can try anything in the world but I promise you if you don't have Christ you will never find true peace
Peace for me, comes with living a life that I feel is right. ELiminating guilt or things that cause guilt, and setting out to live happily and comfortably within my limits, without pressuring myself to "keep up with the Jonesess/" It also involves recognizing and accepting things I can't change, and loooking for what I can do to impact others positively in my life.
I won't mention "geezuz" but God, contributes to my peace. Recognizing Him and accepting He's real, instead of fighting what I KNEW was right... gave me peace beyond measure.
Nothing to fight against.
Have a great Sunday! =) Hope this helps.
There is no such thing as 'inner peace.' There are temporary moments of bliss and tranquility, but it is natural to always want more or better.
Learn how to accept your current condition and plan for a favorable future.
After learning the basics of meditation the major problem is social programing. If you can sort out the lies and come to an understanding of how you and the world really work, inner peace is possible.

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