What makes a person shy?

People tend to call me quiet and shy and stuff, and it's probably because I don't talk a lot. But whenever people tell me I don't talk a lot, I reply, "When there's nothing to say, don't say anything." Shy people are afraid of appearing foolish. They wanna feel like they always say the right thing, and I admit it! Every now and then I'll say something stupid, and then it's stuck in my memory forever. It's a daunting experience, being shy.
Lack of self confidence
I'm very shy and even I don't know why. It could be that I'm afraid of looking stupid. I really don't know. Thank God for Yahoo! Answers, doesn't matter if you're shy here.
many many things!!lol!! like if your cruch is talking to you or if you tripped in public orif you have smth on your pans lol and smthines the person is just plan shy!!
Two main factors to my mind: One is actual learning from small small childhood to be rather bottled up around strange situations and thus individuals who are unknown. And two is situational in the sense that one doesn't rattle off their every thought, or that they're very observative, or they simply had a slip of the mind and didn't say something very soon after being asked, and then some very analytical individual labelled them as such, and the labelled person then lived up to their expectation, because subconsciously we always tend to live up to the realities of others. It's a small mental trick that sometimes happens called presuppositioning. An implied "between the lines" type of a insinuation that causes a person to behave a certain way because they see the perceived evidence of thus, others believe it which solidifies it, and the see the reasoning, and thus it must be true. That's how the brain goes about it. It's a choice, you don't have to be shy if you don't want to. You can chooose to be not shy, you can choose to be outgoing. You don't have to live up to others expectations, it just seems very very strong in inclination to want to, because we respect our friends and they usually validate us, so we very very strongly, in our subconscious minds, want for them to still like us, no matter what we may want for ourselves otherwise. I believe this is innate and the more it is understood, the better you can go against it. Just like any other hypnosis or psychology.
honestly,im only shy in front of people i dont really no.im SCARED or NERVOUS about if i do sumthing wrong.
You often think about saying the wrong thing. Your confidence is probably low as well. Often with new people it's because you want to give a good impression with them, because you don't have high self esteem. Or you could just not be outgoing, maybe analyzing whether you should say something or not and end up not speaking. If you feel people don't like you and that sort of thing bothers you, you may feel afraid to say something to them. Or if you feel like you might bother somebody by speaking.

Those are some reasons. I'm definately often shy because I don't want to get embarassed.

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