Is it possible to truly love yourself?

If so, how do you do it? I'm a nice person, but I don't think much of myself at all. Always put others first.

If that is the case, then you are AHEAD of-the-game!

This is what you are supposed to do!
No. I'm a prick.
Is that make you happy? If yes, that means you do because you want to,that the way you love yourself. Don't forget to give some gift for yourself in the special time.
Oh yes it is!
Someone who loves themself is easy to spot. They are narcissistic, self involved, selfish, concieted, among other things. Loving yourself is nice, but truely loving yourself is an ugly thing. It's when you put yourself above the world, on a pedistal, and you're so into you that nothing else matters.
Simply loving who you are is different and beautiful. It shows in confidence, but not in a self absorbing way. Believing that you're a strong, good person, is the best love.
good to think of others first.
some people do not love themself, and that is
to do with a lot of low self esteem probs etc..
then there are those who just overdo it..lve themselves to much.
To put others first is a head start in loving yourself.

I am most certain that you will find joy in putting others before you (you and I. no one should go I and.. ) and always happy when you see other feeling the same.

What you had done is building good relationship, and people will remember you.

Keep it up and continue to love yourself by putting others firsts.

Yes love yourself look inthe mirror and say ,,,if i was a chocolate i would eat myself,,,
in my experience only horrid selfish people love themselves,i think it is much nicer to have people who TRULY love you !
You might be a bit confused about terminology. Most people love themselves more than others. There is a book, which will remain nameless, that teaches putting others first. Honor thy mother and father comes to mind. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Help the helpless. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for another. I feel you understand this idea. What you don't get is, how valuable you are, to society, to your friends and family, and even to strangers who need a little kindness. Without sounding like a preacher, maybe, you need to forgive yourself for the shortcomings you know about. Your MAKER knows about them too and is willing to accept you for who you are. If you can turn your inner self over to his love, you will truly love yourself.
anyone who truly loves themselves should be avoided, since they are complete gits to everyone else
You need to love yourself before somebody else will love you.
Take that hot bath and relax
Ask Tony Blair.
I love myself lots
how about stopping and making your self the most important person
try it for a week and you'll see by nurturing your own needs your self esteem will grow

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