Addictive Personality?

Do you think people are born with addictive traits?
or is it learned through your environment?

Kelly has the right idea. There are a certain number of things that are passed along the family line, but you cannot deny the attraction of peer pressure, or environmental influences that have an effect on the way we act (or act out!).

I have to say, it is hard to un-learn genetic traits. You don't even realize that you are in the bondage of addictions until the eleventh hour, hopefully it's not too late, and some of the damage done, both mentally and physically, can be undone, and amends made where possible. Sound familiar? Many of us at least know someone like that, I'm sure.
i believe that you are born with them. I'm not a hundred percent sure but i believe that studies and genetic test have proved such things as alcoholism being passed on through the family genes.
i have had a few major addictions. the way i beat them is so strange. one day i just started to dislike cigarettes. after 8 years of smoking, i just hated it. i dont smoke now. more serious addictions were stopped the same way. i have a real hard time believing in addictive personalities. I think it is all based on one person's will. its just that simple. i think we are all susceptible to addiction in very similar ways, but one surefire way to stop addiction is to cut all ties you have with the people that are addicted with you.
There are people born with addiction of something nature b/c their biological parent has this kind of history; however, people can go through by Patrice.
Yes I Do and It Goes all the way back to Adam when he ate of the forbid en fruit ! Sin passed onto everyone! born after and through Him! so we were all born in sin !

and addictive personality comes by way of constant repetition if something is done over seven times it becomes a habit!

also the bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue ! meaning we speak things into being ! (Example )

If you continue to speak I'm Addicted that you will always be addicted /

never let your situation determine who you are ! an addiction is nothing more than a lack of making the right choice !

start praying and speaking things that are good and right into your life! and in faith know that God will ! and can make you strong!
At the hospital where I work, we have many babies born that are crack,heroine,or drug addicted.
Later on in life as we make choices, the tendencies for alcoholism or drug, smoking etc. may be there but you can rule your in my opinion both of your statements are correct..thank you
I subscribe to the theory that some people have an addictive gene.
Basicaly people have genetic tendencies. The things our minds absorb in youth over-ride them in adulthood except in extreme instances. Im so deep.

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