All know life is suffering? Do you agree with positive thinking?

People know that in their life experience, there are many serious suffering matters happening. But why we have to think that there will be good things in tomorrow despite that we all know the bad things are waiting for us certainly. For me, it likes cheating myself. I know that it relieves our worry but why do not just accept that it may not be good?

Ping - there is an old saying "ignorance is bliss", and for a while I struggled with it myself. As I got older, I realized the truth in it (even though I don't think it resolves our issues). The less you know, the better it is for your mental health (I'm generalizing here). The perfect example is to compare the way you see things now with the way you saw them as a child.

People who belong to some sort of religious group generally speaking, leave the unanswered questions to a higher being and that's faith. I'm not saying that's wrong, I'm saying it is what it is. In religious type groups there's moral support, which also helps them deal with the negative.

Psychologists will tell you that it's not good to repress negative experiences in your life. This explains some things for me, especially when it comes to crime. I am of the opinion that people who commit crimes, especially violent ones, have some unresolved issues - to say the least - and a lack of self confidence that makes them "pick on" the weak as that is the only way they can feel powerful.

From a psychological view point, I think denying that bad things are happening is not healthy (or helpful) for us as a society. In other words - if we asked ourselves why someone does what he/she does, we may be able to understand the motivation behind it, what went wrong - and from there we can begin to change. This also works with the self. Simply put - "know thyself" will bring more results than "ignorance is bliss." Above all, I think your question shows reflection, which is what separates leaders from followers in our society.

I'm not an expert - I just think it makes sense.
Buddha was way ahead of you
'all life is suffering' was his first Great Truth
now go find out what the other three are...
Life is all good bro! **** happens and wrong desicions and being human makes life hard sometimes. If your life is only suffering, i feel sorry for you! You can try possitive thinking, but it sounds like your negative thoughts on life are pulling you down.

remember we all choose whether we are going to be the victum or victor in any situasion! Don't let life get you so down. You only live once and there is so much good to embrace!

May you have all good and blessings in abundance!
There is hardship and pain in life.
But, in the Bible, we are taught to trust in God, in the goodness of God, and have hope for the future...have hope even that good things will happen on this very day.
King David, in the Psalms, wrote that she should have joy and gladness in each day.
This is an Evangelical Christian perspective.
positive thinking is what makes life worth living
We can think positively because good things also occur in this life experience. Surely there are people who have a great life while others have a life of suffering. I know that while there were times when I have had to go through periods of suffering and anguish there were also times that I experience great love and joy. I will look forward in a positive way in the hope that the future will bring great happiness for me. Whatever the futures holds I have not a choice but to deal with it as it comes.
Suffering? Mercy. Our mortality is our opportunity to understand that all experiences result in spiritual growth. Suffering is opportunity. Many people choose to be a victim of life. That is actually the easy way out. There is less responsibility associated with victimization. For me, life is is an adventure. Overcoming adversity has provided me with self confidence, and empathy.

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