According to Passive-Aggressive Behaviour, please look up the definition if in doubt of meaning :?

Please recount incidents when this type of manipulative, not confrontational behaviour was encountered by you, upon receiving an answer, or not being given an answer to your good question. And even, perhaps facing a refusal to be recognized or acknowledged after offering a serious answer to a querie posted which you may have deemed deserved at least, notice?
And if you've had such an experience, please recount it in detail, and explain as well you can, what CAUSES there may have been for you, your questions to be ignored.
I'd prefer seriously minded people with such experience to answer . . but anyone could offer their own clue.
Jokers, please, do not be so quick to hover around this question as oftentimes you may, in order to dig in your talons, into what you may suppose is TENDER flesh.

Would Kindly appreciate any experience you've had which has seemed unfair or undeserving of ignorant or judgment based on no practical evidence.
Thank you very much!

Sorry, but the whole idea behind the defense mechanism: passive aggressive disorder is Not communicating. It is rather doing something to hurt or tick off the other person without touching them or saying a word. Forgive this graphic description but passive aggressive behavior is when you would love to hit someone you instead pee in their coffee, which by the way is a felony.
Passive agressive= opossum, ex. Hit possum in nose. Plays dead. corner with no out. Will rip you up. That is passive agressive. You are referring to inferiority complex. you perceive that people hate you because they don't answer your good question. You feel inferior because you deem your question good. But others ignore it. You are expecting praise like Wow! what a great question. But you would accept. That sucks just to be acknowledged. Well here is a great answer to your outstanding question. Ask some more.I Iike Psychology. Probably because I am a bi-polar manic depressive hyper adhd ocd schizophrenic. Have a day And you are welcome.

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