Why do some people always seem to have problems?

My boss always seems to have problems. Something simple that could just go right by suddenly becomes something he has to bark at, and when he does there is a big fight and someone gets screwed in some way. So, why are people like that? Why can't some people just let things slide or stand back and look at it for a second before they go wild?

my mother is like this. it has to do with the way you see the world and your life. whether you're pessimist or an optimist, whether you;re afraid to live andlet your desires unroll etc... one canot be afraid forever, it is catastrophic! and stress can cause this attitude too!
he's the boss. he's probably stressed out, and when your stressed little things are always magnified into really big things.
Because people dont. The first thing they do is to go ballistic, and then calm down.

It depends what kind of person you are. Some people are clam and some people are neurotic.
From my experience negative people always seem to have problems.
it's in their genes.
Look at some people and their up-bringing...some people consider drama a sign of love and some people just love drama. So, it could be either or.
Because you can tell they have probloms by looking at them.
People dont seem to have probloms also have probloms, only they dont show it.
This is life, and there's people who can't control certain problems depending on what it is.
you'll have to do it 'his way' he's probably watching you for the last 2-3 hours but you just don't realised it, & when he blow his top, you said that he's a jerk, if he's not like this, will any work be done?
Usually this is how people keep attention or in control is to pretend everything is horribly bad or worse than it is. I cannot stand these people, it is especially tough when it is a boss.

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