Do you wish real life was organised like windows ?

do you sometimes feel real life ought to be like windows?
Do you expect yes/no answers all the time, instead of beating about the bush?
Do you want all your things arranged in folders within folders within folders.drat
Do you wish for a personal schedule that'll wake you up in the morning and tell you what's best for you?
Do any of you guys/gals feel like that or am i the only one? is there a word for it? do you get what i'm saying?

1 OH my NO windoze is a constantly failing sytem with more problems than a chinese mathbook, I would never want to over complicate and have so many faults in my life.
2 yes no answers? ablsolutely preferred, as I ask for an answer i dont want an essay or speach on others opinion, I would ask for an opinion or further imput if I wanted it
3 they already are...
4 I have that its called my intellect and informed choice
5 I hope that never happens to me
Heavens no!
That sure would make life much easier, but where would all the fun be?

The great wonder of us human beings is in fact how complicated we are emotionally and how we tend to complicate things. Nobody is the same or has the same taste.

We learn from our mistakes and complications and grow from that experience. I see not much need for us to be born in general if everything would be simple and decided for us anyhow.

You should read the book "A Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. That oughta shed some light on your thoughts.

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