3 year old constantly whiningcrying and not knowing what to do with self?

My husband and I are becoming increasingly frustrated with our 3-½ year old son. From the moment he gets up we’re at odds. He’ll ask for pancakes and we’ll make them for him and then he starts crying and whining that he wanted oatmeal instead. It’s a job to get him dressed, brush his teeth and get him into the car for our commute to daycare/work. We have a regular routine that is consistent. All weekend long he gets into some sort of trouble or another. He won’t watch TV, he asks for an activity only to get bored with it after 5 minutes or less of playing and wants to go on to the next thing. He’s running me and his dad ragged. Mealtime is tough because he never wants to eat. I make kid friendly meals and it’s a fight for us to get him to eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal if we go which is once in a while. I’m starting to get the feeling that something is not right. He has speech problems, which we are working on with a speech therapist and I wonder if he has some kind of learning disability since it runs in the family. I wanted him tested, but I was told by preschool services in our county, that he was too young. I can’t take the constant whining anymore and the kid is always in time-out or having privileges taken away which doesn’t make it fun for us or him when all we want is to spend some nice times with him during the weekends. What can we do?

Some things you might consider:
Talking to his daycare teachers.is he this way there? How does he relate to his teachers and other kids?
Also talk to his speech thereapist and see how cooperative he is in that setting.
Get him a full medical check up to see if there is some underlying physical problem that he can not articulate to you.
Try not to make an issue of the eating thing. Provide only 2 options at each meal,
oatmeal and pancakes for instance, and if he refuses to eat leave the food on the table.sooner or later his tummy will override his objections.
Also, think about whether or not he might be over-stimulated at home. Some kids do much better with the tv off, lighting dimmed, and perhaps some kids songs playing softly in the background. Try to provide a room or area in the house where everything is 'low key'. See if he gravitates to that room.
Good luck. :-)
watch some Dr. Phil and Oprah or something
Jeremy Kyle will sort you out love but crying is what 3 year olds do. LET HIM BE YOU MONSTER
I am so sorry about your problem. I can tell you that you are not alone - I watch Nanny 911 sometimes & see kids driving their parents crazy. Write to them if you can - they really are experts.
What I've seen the Nannies do is buy things that would be incentives for good behaviour. For instance - get rid of baby cups and plates and buy nicely-coloured ones for adults. Then give him a point if eats one thing from the plate.

You could also take him to a child pshychologist.
Sounds like he may have attention deficit disorder. Most 3 year old love watching T. V. Ask your pediatrician what she thinks. Maybe she can refer you to a specialist.

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