How education help the people to overcome their problems?

Knowledge on any level is a powerful tool, as it helps people to understand what is going on, where to find the information, it also teaches them HOW to find the information that they need. so yes education is a great resource tool to have in life to research their problems.

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Educations equips a person with so many helpful information that could be applied practically in real situations. That is the advantage of going to school and being interested to learn new things everyday. Education also helps sharpen a persons mind and helps a person to think quickly, logically, responsibly and intelligently.
education really helps because ignorance is a big problem.

even bill gates, who is already one of the most powerful figures of technology, still pursued for a diploma.
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Education provides people the knowlege. The knowledge of how to write, knowlege of the technical know-how, etc etc. However, this knowledge may not necessarily help us to overcome our problem, especially so if you are referring to emotional problems rather than technical problem.

Rather, UNDERSTANDING the problem, to be able to know the "what is" is the problem without the accumulated knowledge of past experiences, helps overcome their problem.

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